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China has now emerged in the Study Abroad market

Posted on May 6, 2019
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Study Abroad

China has now emerged in the study abroad market and shown remarkable progress in developing the educational platform within 40 years. The nation now welcomes overseas students globally who avail quality education that is reasonably priced.

Universities in China rank among the top global Universities. Tsinghua University and Peking University are now amongst the preferred Universities for overseas students. They are posing tough competition for Universities in Australia, Europe, and the US.

The 2019 QS World University Rankings features Universities in China among the global top 50 ranked Universities:

  • Tsinghua University – 17th Rank
  • The University of Hong Kong – 25th Rank
  • Peking University – 30th Rank
  • The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology – 37th Rank
  • Fudan University – 44th Rank
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong – 49th Rank

The population of overseas students in China has increased remarkably in the last 10 years. Chinese Universities now figure among top choices for overseas students. This is due to their impressive infrastructure, top rankings, and scholarship opportunities.

The collaboration between China and other countries has also increased. This is owing to the BRI- Belt and Road Initiative. It has offered exciting benefits to students who are from countries linked with BRI.

Students from these nations can easily access scholarships to study abroad in China. Full-time Scholarships offered by the Government of China and Confucius Institutes are also a big attraction. These are apart from the BRI links and alliances, as quoted by the News In Asia.

Each provincial Government in China also offers scholarships. Additionally, Universities also individually offer scholarships that are funded partly. Overseas students who mostly take advantage of these scholarships are mainly from Africa and South-East Asia.

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