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4 Common mistakes to avoid when studying abroad

Posted on October 7, 2019
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Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a lifetime opportunity. Many of us might even be going abroad for the first time in our lives when we decide to study overseas.

You might already have well-laid-out plans as to how you would be spending your time abroad. In all probability, you do want your stay to be a comfortable one. Well, who wouldn’t?

While it is an understood fact that you would not want to make any mistakes, there are, nonetheless, 5 common mistakes to be avoided when you opt for study overseas.

Skipping classes

A significant number of Indians have a tendency to skip or cut classes when studying in universities and colleges abroad. Do keep in mind that a wide majority of international educational institutions grade students as Pass or Fail. Many a times, the grade awarded to you will be based on your attendance for that particular course.

Come to think of it, it hardly makes any sense when you spend so much time and money in going abroad for higher education and end up cutting classes.

Attending classes regularly should be your top-most priority when you opt for study abroad.

Not assimilating the local culture

Always be open to gain from the new experiences that you are exposed to. Look out for opportunities to engage with the local people. If you are not in an English-speaking environment, try learning the new language.

Generally, Indians going abroad for studies have been seen to actively seek out other Indians in the foreign county. While there is no harm in this approach, you have much more to gain if you make friends belonging to a more diverse background.

Hanging on to your previous world

Deciding to study abroad might be the biggest decision of your life. There are many students that travel abroad for the first time when they decide to go overseas for higher education.

You are bound to meet people that behave quite differently from what you might have seen or experienced in the past. Expecting things to be the same as in your home country is sure to lead you to bitter disappointment.

Be prepared for change. Be open to challenges.

It is only when you let go of your inhibitions and pre-conceived notions that you can truly enjoy your stay in the new country that will be your home for the duration of the course.

Indulging in too much liquor

There is a lot that can be said for the disadvantages of overindulgence where it comes to alcoholic drinks. Many a times, students from India have been seen to have a propensity for strong drinks when abroad. Maybe the cloak of anonymity makes them more adventurous in this regard.

Nevertheless, it is best to limit oneself to only those number of drinks that one can handle and still remain sober. There is no point in creating a bad impression of your home country. Also, intoxication can make you more prone to breaking the law by getting into minor scrapes with others, or even causing a road accident as well.

Studying abroad is a major decision. Not just for the student, but for the family involved as well. By simply taking especial care to avoid the common mistakes that many make while studying abroad, you can make sure that your investment of time and money are both worth it.

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