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Common mistakes made in the SAT exam

Posted on July 18, 2020
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SAT Coaching

Before taking any standardized test for a visa application or for admission to a foreign university, it is always better to get familiar with the test so that you do not make any mistakes when taking the actual test. It is often your misconceptions and lack of knowledge about the test which can lead to mistakes. The SAT is no exception. Here are the most common mistakes made by SAT test-takers. Get to know them so that you can avoid them when you take the SAT.

Leaving out too many questions because you do not want to guess the answer

On the SAT, you can eliminate one or more answer choices and have the choice to guess the answer. The average student should exclude at least one answer option on 95 percent of the Reading and Writing questions. But these same students leave 10-20 percent of these questions blank! There’s almost always one wrong answer in those questions, so delete it and take a guess.

Not taking an educated guess on the math questions

Refusing to take an educated guess on the math questions can do more harm than good. Making a guess can be more beneficial for your score.

Failing to explain how the example in your essay proves your thesis

High school students are great at presenting the relevant details for their supporting facts, but they still struggle to link their example to their study.

Thinking the math section is too easy

Students in advanced math classes often underestimate the SAT because they think they have a solid understanding

Those same students fall apart when a question about a concept you know in third grade comes up. The SAT is not like a regular math exam. The further you are away from basic math classes, the more you can struggle with the reasoning questions

Failing to study for the vocabulary section

Although it is possible to get a perfect Reading score without knowing the meaning of every word, any test expert can tell you that vocabulary is crucial. The average high school student learns about 50 percent of the vocabulary terms in the reading questions. It is not difficult to learn the other 50 percent.

Failing to guess the correct answer in the reading section

Most students can narrow down a Passage-Based Reading problem to two options. But the hard part is allocating a sufficient amount of time evaluating those two options. It’s often easier to pick the wrong answer than to choose the correct answer, too.

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