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5 Places to study abroad on low cost

Posted on September 18, 2019
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Study Abroad at a Minimal Cos

Do you know that your dream of studying abroad isn’t as difficult as you thought, and that too affordable? Yes, that’s true. We are talking about quality education that is very cheap. Given below is the list of countries that offer high quality education that is very much affordable.


Germany is also known as the Land of Ideas. More and more students are choosing this country as their destination to study, as the country has a number of world renowned Universities. Germany also offers high quality life with low costs.

At all the public universities, you need not pay any tuition fee if you are an undergraduate or pursuing a PhD (except at Baden-Württemberg). If you haven’t studied an undergraduate degree in Germany, you will have to pay approximately 20,000 Euros towards Master’s degree. You will require a minimum of 10,200 Euros towards covering your living costs.


Norway is a beautiful country. The country is a major fun spot for hiking, fishing and skiing. It also has glaciered mountains and green fields.

Education in Norway is free for everyone at all public universities (except for a few specialized programs). Many of these courses are English based at all levels. Majority of people living in Norway speak English. Though the education is free, the cost of living is high.


France is a land of classic art museums and fashion. It has a unique culture and cuisine. French wine is considered a delicacy all over the world. It is the land of the Eiffel Tower.

Paris is presently the 5th best place for students in the world. Education in France is very much affordable. The tuition fee for both the domestic and the international students is the same. For a bachelor’s degree, it costs just 170 Euros. Majority of Master’s would cost 243 Euros and 380 Euros for doctorate programs. There are a lot of English based courses that you can study here.


Poland is yet another country to consider if you are planning for a successful higher education study. Poland offers both a friendly and challenging atmosphere for a successful study.

If you can speak Polish, you can study for free in Poland. There would be an entrance exam in Polish, which you have to clear before studying here. There are English based courses as well which might cost you approximately 3000 Euros for 1 year. The cost of living is low too and might cost you somewhere between 6500 to 7000 Euros.


Argentina has a diverse culture and natural beauty. The country would be a right choice for students who are interested in outdoor exploration and adventure.

Education is free in all the state funded universities. If you want to go for private institutions, it might cost you somewhere around $5,100 US. The accommodation rent would be as less as $350. For living expenses, you will require $5000.

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