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The criterions you must satisfy to obtain a Study Visa to the USA

Posted on January 24, 2017
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Study in USA

Immigrants who wish to migrate to USA for their studies will find that though the visa application process is time-consuming, it can be a rather hassle-free procedure. In the last year the number of student visas issued by the USA to immigrants of diverse nationalities has increased significantly.

For processing your Student Visa USA you must be accepted by a university or college in the US for the course that you intend to pursue in that nation. You will then receive a document from the respective college or university which is known as the I -20 from. It is an application for the US F1-Visa. If it is a DS 2019 from, then it is an application for the US J-1 Visa. The college or university must be accredited by the U.S. Citizenship and Naturalization Service for enrolling non-immigrant students.

The next step for processing the Study Visa USA will be to secure an appointment for the visa interview and pay the applicable fees. The rules that govern the Student Visa USA have been revised now the study visas can be issued even 4 months prior to the date mentioned in the I-20 from.

All the earlier application forms that were issued for the processing of non-immigrant Student Visa USA have been now replaced by the DS-160 form. It is an online form that has to be filled by the applicants who wish to migrate to USA for their studies.

It is advisable that you apply for the processing of Study Visa USA to the at least three months in advance to your date of journey to the US. This will give you adequate time in the scenario of delays at the US embassy or if you intend to appeal the eventuality of a denial.

For successful processing of your visa to migrate to USA for studies, you must also be able to give evidences of adequate funds to sustain your stay and education in the US. You have a strong case of acceptance of visa application if you are funded by the family, employer firm or institutional supporters in your native nation.

The immigration officer who will conduct your interview for the Student Visa USA will have to be convinced by you regarding your intent to return to your native nation and plans for study.

In a scenario where in your application for visa has been rejected, you have the option to appeal against the decision. In most of the cases, the applicants are asked to produce supporting documents that they were unable to furnish in the initial application.

It is also possible that the immigration officer can demand to furnish additional evidences such as employment proof, or possession of a business or home for processing the appeal of the rejection of the Student Visa USA. If requested, you have to furnish all the requested documents. An e-mail or fax from the US College or university that has accepted you for the course will also be quite helpful.

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