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Here are the 20 most difficult to fill jobs in Australia

Posted on March 26, 2015
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Indeed, the world’s largest job site, released data overnight showing that even in an economy with the highest unemployment rate in 12 years, some jobs are just hard to fill.

The report, which aggregated data from Indeed’s Australian operations, examined the “differences in recruitment timelines across 18 industries and five cities in Australia”.

It found that Australia has a world leading rate of 72% of jobs being filled within one month. In the UK, only 51% of jobs are filled in the first 30 days while in the US, it’s just 44%.

That speaks of the jobs market being an “employers’ market”, Paul D’Arcy, senior vice president at Indeed, told Business Insider.

But for some jobs, like actuaries, the market is skewed in favour of the employee, with more than 18% of jobs remaining unfilled after one month.

D’arcy said that actuaries are highly skilled and highly sought because there aren’t a lot of them and they are now part of the burgeoning “data scientist” employment category.

Darcy also said that the number of sales roles in the top 20 in Australia was much higher than other countries. “Travel Agents” seemed to be a uniquely Australian affair.

Looking for a job or advice for your kids on where to head? Actuarial studies, sales and technical IT roles seem the go in the current economy.

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