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Digital Nomad Life: Best Countries for Remote Work

Posted on August 12, 2023
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Why opt to work remotely abroad?

  • Increase in the efficiency of work
  • Save massively on accommodation
  • Opportunity to work in flexible hours
  • Saving time and resources
  • Work-life balance
  • Reduced stress in commuting

Digital Nomad Life: Best Countries for Remote Work


Digital nomads can work remotely and stay legally abroad for a longer duration by opting for a digital nomad visa.

Countries began offering digital nomad visas in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. Unlike tourist visa bearers, holders of digital nomads can work for employers in countries other than where they are based.

A requirement for a digital nomad visa varies from one country to another. Eligible to apply for digital nomad visas are those who have jobs that can be performed from any location in the world. Those who apply for a digital nomad visa must earn a minimum monthly salary and meet other requirements such as follows.

  • A valid passport
  • A photograph
  • Proof of earning sufficient income to cover your expenses in the country you wish to stay in
  • Evidence of global health insurance coverage
  • Proof of employment
  • Educational credentials

With more countries earning income by issuing digital nomad visas, many people can work remotely by living legally in another country.

Where to work with digital nomad visas

Before applying for a digital nomad visa, knowing which country would be ideal for you will depend on various factors.

  • Staying for a long-term or short-term
  • The minimum salary you need to earn
  • How is the quality of life?
  • The duration you want to stay for abroad
  • Is the internet fast enough?
  • Do you speak the local language?

The most popular countries for digital nomad visa holders


Greece is an ideal country for digital nomads as its accommodation is one of the most inexpensive in Europe. The money you would need to spend on food, travel, and groceries is also lower compared to its European counterparts.

The other advantages that Greece provides to digital nomads are as follows.

  • 5G coverage is offered in most of the historic country’s capital city, Athens.
  • The average housing costs range from $900 to $1200
  • The minimum monthly salary you need to earn is $3,900
  • The cost of a digital nomad visa is $76
  • It is an accommodating country for immigrants

Greece issues digital nomads a one-year visa that can be renewed as a residence permit. With the initial residence permit, you can stay for up to two years and can prolong it for up to five years. If you have stayed in Greece for five years, you become eligible for permanent residency (PR).


Being next to the world’s largest economy, the United States is an advantage it enjoys. Because of it, – whatever your native country – you can commute to it easily from Mexico. Its capital city, Mexico City, offers digital nomads some cozy co-working places to work from. Mexico’s digital nomad visa has a validity ranging from six months to four years.

The other advantages digital nomads can benefit from Mexico while operating from there are as follows.

  • The average housing costs range from $750 to $100
  • The minimum monthly salary you need to earn is $2,600
  • The cost of a digital nomad visa ranges from $190 to $390
  • The food is tasty and affordable
  • Mexico offers great broadband speeds
  • The country is famous for its music and culture.


Portugal’s attraction is increasing among immigrants who want to work remotely. The Southern European country has also introduced a visa for remote workers, attracting more digital nomads from the world over. Included in the advantages of living in Portugal are its inexpensive way of life and its beautiful beaches.

Furthermore, the other advantages Portugal offers for digital nomads are as follows.

  • The average housing costs range from $1,100 to $1,600
  • The minimum monthly salary a digital nomad needs to earn is $3,346 per head
  • D8 Digital Nomad Visa that the country issues costs $83 for a period under one year and $100 for over one year


Spain, a country in Southwestern Europe, introduced digital nomad visas in 2023. You can enter Spain by having a degree related to your profession, earning a minimum monthly salary and holding a valid health insurance policy.

This European country has in place tax rates that are low and allows those proficient in Spanish to freelance in the country in translating, creating content, and more. Furthermore, this country, known as Hispania in Spanish, has a flourishing tech industry where they are searching for foreign talent.

Spain’s other advantages for digital nomads in its country are as follows.

  • The average housing costs range from $1,110-$1,800
  • The minimum monthly salary to earn for a digital nomad is $2,777 per month.
  • The digital nomad visa, a telework visa, that this country issues costs $190 per year. It can be renewed for up to five years.

Indonesia (Bali)

Though Indonesia is a friendly country on the whole for digital nomads, one of its provinces, Bali, is the most attractive for digital nomads. It is a beautiful island housing some of the best beaches in the world. Digital nomads can work here for around six months while they experience its great weather, rapid internet speeds, and any number of co-working places. As it is home to a large number of digital nomads, you will never feel like a stranger in this island province.

The other advantages digital nomads can enjoy while working from Bali are as follows.

  • The average housing costs range from $900-$1,400
  • The minimum monthly salary to earn for a digital nomad is $2,000 per month
  • The digital nomad visa, B211a Visa, issued by Bali, costs $135 per month, which can be renewed after entering it.

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