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DIY: 10 tips to improve your low GRE score

Posted on September 20, 2022
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DIY 10 tips to improve your low GRE score

Objective for low GRE score

At times you will not feel it is not your day to give your best on the test day and which leads to poor performance. Reasons can be quite many for this weak performance but you should not lose your confidence. Don’t worry, you are not alone. This situation is faced by many students every time they give their test. Getting a GRE to score 10-15 points lower than the target you set might be a little sad. But there are options to overcome it. Read this article completely and try to follow the steps mentioned.

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GRE low scores and your next step

Although you get low scores, don’t get disappointed. There will be still ways to find some universities or colleges which will allow low scores if you send an impressive and well-rounded application.

Many people mistake their low scores as it’s a portrayal of their abilities and talent. It’s absolutely a wrong thought. It can be interpreted as your performance on the test on that day. If you have obtained low scores then you will have remained with only two options.

  • Re-take the test
  • Move on with the score you got

You can always retake the test at any given point in time and improve your score before your application begins to process. If you think you can’t take a chance and repeat the same mistakes, then you need a powerful study plan.

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Strategic study plan for good GRE scores

  1. Overcome a disappointing exam: The students who are trying to improve their GRE scores must take comfort in the knowledge that their co-students have done it before. This first step will change your ideation of the study plan completely.
  2. One bad test day does not define you: Many experts say that most graduate applicants get convinced of their low scores and come to the conclusion that they are incompetent to do well in GRE on their first attempt if they did not score well. Experts suggest that test takers who are unhappy with their scores must have to figure out the errors they made after their test results and make up a few strategies so that they will not repeat the same mistakes.
  3. Take serious responsibility towards their test preparation: Taking responsibility for your preparation just means increasing your test score which is harder. This requires a significant amount of time for vigorous preparation. Experts suggest it needs extra effort by the candidates to succeed. And the time invested in GRE will always pay off.
  4. Refresh your high school math skills: The most common mistake that many test takers do is forgetting their high school-level mathematics lessons, which include the basics of Geometry and many more. GRE emphasizes basic math skills mostly. Though the questions seem to be very tricky, if you have good basic math skills then you can get through them easily. Recollecting the math will help you get a good score, as verbal score needs grammar which is hard to adapt quickly.
  5. Work more on reading: The main reason for low GRE scores is the language barrier or can say limited knowledge of English vocabulary. Reading not just academic books, papers, and course-related textbooks, you need to regularly do reading the daily news, magazines, and even the celebrity gossip that are published online. This enhances your reading skills and is kind of preparatory to communicate in a foreign country.
  6. Take up the mock exams maximum: If you take up multiple numbers of mock tests and practice tests will help you a lot in time management. Practicing will not give you more surprises. And also test takers will not get intimidated by the computer adaptive format of the mock tests.
  7. Gather free prep resources: It is suggested that using the free prep materials that are available online is what every test taker does. Gathering material from the right source will matter if the source has years of experience in serving the test takers.
  8. Go for a GRE tutor: Many test takers begin with self-preparation for GRE but due to many circumstances and reasons they leave the preparation halfway dropped. For some people, it is hard to be disciplined with their own preparatory schedule. Hence, it is always good to opt for a GRE trainer or a tutor. Y-Axis provides flexible timings for the students who take up GRE coaching with us.
  9. Select your target school wisely: Many experts say that the test takers who have been struggling with the GRE exam, can probably focus on the graduate schools that do not reject applicants based on their GRE scores. The entire application gets evaluated which determines both interpersonal and academic skills that will help you for a successful application process for a study program.
  10. Brush up the others parts of your application: The GRE test takers must understand that the GRE score is just a component in the application process. The applicants with low GE scores must concentrate more on their admission essays, which will help in compensating for the low GPA. One more easy way to impress the admission officers is to take up a graduate-level course and earn an A. Character strengths like skills, resilience, and persistence are some of the things that are considered during the admission process for graduation. Hence the applicants must be good with their strengths.

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Additional points for GRE test prep

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