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Does your college make the cut as a ‘Trusted Institution’? Check Canada’s updated ISP

Posted on September 12, 2023
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Canada’s New Trusted Institution Framework

IRCC plans on implementing a new Trusted Institution Framework to its student visa program by 2024. The Framework is set to focus on streamlining the International Student Program (ISP) by the IRCC.

Key changes in the ISP 2023

Given below are some of the key changes that can take place within the International Student Program (ISP) after implementing the Trusted Institution Framework:

  • Two-Tier Structure: A two-tier structure is set to be implemented for Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs), with some DLIs being upgraded as ‘Trusted Institutions.’ 
  • Accelerated visa processing: Candidates applying to Trusted Institutions can expect faster visa approvals.
  • Modern upgrades: The program is set to work on the larger picture of streamlining the entire ISP (International Student Program) process by dealing with issues with diversification, vulnerability, and the volume of applications.
  • Cap on the number of International students: Via this program, the IRCC also plans to reduce International students’ intake owing to various concerns by filtering out suitable candidates.

Why implement the Trusted Institution Framework?

The Canadian government is determined to provide top-quality education and a comfortable experience for international students who wish to study in Canada. It is in this regard that the IRCC has come up with The ‘Trusted Institution Framework’ to deal with the following concerns stated below:

  • International student vulnerability
  • The fast-paced volumes of student visa applications
  • The requirement for a more diverse international student crowd
  • Housing & accommodation for students.

DLI requirements

The Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) must submit specific data to the ‘Trusted Institution Framework’ for better program functioning. Let’s have a look at the major information that is to be shared by the DLIs:

  • Retention rates of students
  • Details regarding on-time completion of study programs
  • Expenditure by institutions on International student services
  • Complete data on the availability of the DLI-administered housing services
  • The ratio of teacher-students & more.

How will it benefit the students?

The Trusted Institution Framework is set to create a positive impact on students:

  • High standards: The Trusted Institutions set high educational standards, ensuring the well-being of the students.
  • Visa processing time: The program will promote faster visa approvals, helping students focus more on planning their studies.
  • Selective admissions: Despite allowing faster visa processing times, enrolment into Trusted Institutions will become more competitive and challenging.
  • Housing & Accommodation: The latest Framework may extend the ability of institutions to provide better and more quality housing services for the well-being of the students.

What impact will it have on Overseas Immigration Consultants and Agents?

Listed below are some of the ways the new Framework can benefit Overseas Immigration Consultants and Agents:

  • Partnership building: Agents representing Trusted Institutions will earn credibility and reliability amongst the clients.
  • Business expansion: Faster visa approvals will likely encourage more students to study abroad, boosting the business.
  • Refined consulting process: Agents can conduct a transparent consultation and counseling process, owing to the uncomplicated and enhanced eligibility requirements and criteria.

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