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Dreaming to Study Overseas? Follow the right path

Posted on April 25, 2022
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A step-by-step guide to convert your study abroad dream to reality

A couple of decades back, it was a confusing task for students to apply for studies abroad. But, due to the recent progress in technology, the government’s aid, and new education systems have helped students realize their dream to study overseas. Students are facilitated to travel and pursue their education in the countries they wish to.

Countries like Canada, the U.K., and the U.S. are receiving foreign students with convenient study and visa norms.

It is the best time for the students to go through their application process for studies abroad. The students must plan methodically by following the correct procedure. Here is a step-by-step process for the students who desire to study abroad.

Choose the right path

The initial step is to go for the right choice. The students must research and decide on the apt course for an excellent university and the country they desire to go to. It would be best if they start by choosing the right study program, appropriate climate, cost of living in the country, work opportunities, lifestyle, the system of education, ranking of the university, and medical facilities offered by the institution.

The students need to shortlist institutions that fulfil all their criteria, check the accreditation and the global rankings, their choice of a course, placement provisions, infrastructure, scholarship facilities, and so on. It would be better to begin a year earlier, for research and find the right college or University without hurrying.

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Overseas application process

Multiple Universities are offering leniency to the students in the admission process by taking into account the ongoing circumstances. The universities of the U.S. have dropped the application fees and are not asking for the GRE/GMAT for the Post-Graduate Students or SAT/ ACT for Bachelor’s students.

The Universities are processing applications for Undergraduate courses based on the scores obtained by the students in Grade 9 or any of the examinations they appeared in till the pre-boards of Grade 12. The students can submit the marks of their examination for Grade 12 later.

The academic institutions in countries like Canada, the U.K., and Australia have extended their deadlines for submitting applications. Many institutions have devised emergency plans for travel restrictions and even lockdowns. Every action possible is being taken for students to apply to their dream destination with ease.

It is an apt time for students to start with their application process. After the travel restrictions are lifted, a massive competition is expected to get an application or even for processing.

English Proficiency Tests

The institutions in countries with English as their official language require scores on the English proficiency tests. One of the tests is the IELTS. It is accepted by more than 10,000 universities around the world.

Millions of students write this test each year to be eligible for the study programs abroad. This proficiency test assesses the student’s speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills.

Every student is permitted to access mock exams, practice sheets, and other related learning materials online for free. It helps students in preparing and practicing for the test.

*Ace your tests for studying abroad with help of coaching services by Y-Axis.

Statement of Purpose

An SOP or Statement of Purpose is a statement written personally describing information about the student and their interest in the university. It has information related to the student’s education, interests, life goals, the course of their choice, and other details.

The SOP is a vital part of the application package. The students must write the SOP effectively. They should prepare a chart detailing their short-term and long-term goals, leisure activities, interests, knowledge, experience, skills, and the like before writing the SOP.

*Write an effective SOP with the assistance of Y-Axis.

Managing finances

The funding source needs to be reliable since it is a vital component of the application process for academic time abroad. There are multiple choices like loans, savings, or scholarships. Most of the time, students opt for scholarships.

Some international universities provide bursaries and scholarships to students for financial aid. In times of pandemic, many institutions have facilitated various scholarships. Thereby, this is an apt time for students to research the related information and apply to the Universities based on their requirements.

To make it convenient for international students, many universities overseas are providing comfortable transitions, such as pickups from airports, facilities for quarantine, discounts on flight facility charges, accommodation, food, and the like.

Virtual assistance

The international students can avail the Universities’ counselors to help them understand the complete process. If any student faces any difficulty while going through the process, they can contact for assistance virtually from education specialists abroad. They will assist you in making the process simpler.

Do you want to study overseas? Contact Y-Axis, the No. 1 Overseas Study Consultant.

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