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Eleventh hour tips you need to set your pace for GRE exam

Posted on August 7, 2020
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Eleventh hour tips you need to set your pace for GRE exam

The GRE exam is close at hand. The time has arrived to face the test. You have been preparing for this day for months. There’s no way you can expect anything lesser than perfect performance.

But as with every test, here too, the eleventh hour makes a big difference. If you want to turn the tides to your favor in the GRE test, last-minute smart preparation is essential. And who will guide you best here except the most experienced in GRE coaching?

So, here we are, determined to help you with the last-minute checks on the essential factors that will ensure that you will win the day with high scores in the GRE exam.

Follow these tips if you want to win like a winner:

Be sure you know the GRE test format thoroughly

This one sounds obvious? Well, many just take this part for granted unless they are really serious about the exam. The advantage of knowing the GRE test format in and out is that it will save you jump scares when you find something in the test on the test day, in the test hour that you missed out on.

The most valuable advantage of thorough knowledge of the test format is that it saves you precious time during the exam. If you know the question types beforehand, you will not have to sweat through the instructions, making sense out of it in those moments that you must be using to give your answers.

How about a sneak peek into the GRE format? Here it goes:

GRE has multiple choice questions and some descriptive writing. There are 4 sections into which the test is divided into that checks your:

  • Vocabulary skills
  • English grammar
  • Quant skills
  • Analytical writing skills

And yes, there’s an experimental section too.

Trust yourself

There are 2 ticks that trigger your answer while attending a question, which of course has to be answered in a very short time. These ticks are either what comes from your brain or from your gut. If you know the answer for sure, you can go ahead. If you are in doubt, it’s better to go with your gut feeling than take time to figure it out.

Master the most basic skill – time management

So, from the above points themselves, you can see that time is a crucial factor in the test. Beyond your practice, making the most of the extremely limited time optimally to score well is the essential skill you need to acquire. Have a plan on how to write the exam and how to distribute your time optimally. There are no standard ways to manage time. It all depends on what section is easier for you and which will take more time.

Keep your notes and review them

As you are preparing for the exam in those last days to approaching the test, the notes you have maintained to study the core concepts and fundamentals and more become very valuable. This is the time to revisit them and revise what you have learned.

Do not involve new topics at the last stage

We know how much effort you have put into learning for the GRE test, mastering the topics in its several sections. But we recommend that if you have an urge to cram in a new topic at the eleventh hour into the mix of what you are ready with, it will only make you more tensed, worried, and confused. So, be sure you are covering it all when you take those months needed to practice them to perfection. But don’t attempt to learn something in an hour which normally takes months to learn and perfect.

It’s not just about the work, but the rest too

It’s easy to burn your wick off when you are so serious about preparing for an exam like GRE. But it’s important to stay healthy and relaxed; it’s necessary to unwind at times. Take a break, have a nap, eat healthily, and hydrate yourself well. All that will keep your brain fit, senses clear, and confidence up.

Shun overconfidence

We couldn’t help telling you that confidence can be such a trouble-maker too. After weeks of preparation, mock tests, and revisions, you could slip into feeling tad too confident. Always try to gain an upper hand with the process than the results because your answers are not pre-set, and the process isn’t any simpler no matter how good your answers are.

Focus on building your skill of writing the test rather than finding the right answer.

Acclimatize your bio-clock with your exam time

Once you book your slot for the GRE exam, you are aware of the time of the exam and can follow your practice routine accordingly. Take your mock tests following the same timetable of the actual exam. Doing this, you won’t have any trouble with having your biological clock cooperate with your exam time.

Work well on your AWA essays

Never do the mistake of ignoring the essay section which is known as the AWA (Analytical Writing Assessment). It is as important as the math and verbal sections. No matter however good you perform in other sections, ignoring or performing poorly in your AWA essay writing section will cost you the selection by universities.

Revise the important formulae well

In those last days to the GRE test, it will be wise to rather revise and memorize the essential formulae than to practice problems. If you have the concepts thorough in your head, your answers will follow.

Do not panic at the test

Do not mess up the moment you have been putting all your efforts into. Be focused, stay calm, and pick up a flow before the speed in attending the questions. It’s your moment. Own it.

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