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Entering Indonesia is relatively simple with the 30 day visa on arrival

Posted on April 19, 2017
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Indonesia Tourist Visa

Indonesia is undoubtedly a great place to visit. It is the 4th populous country in the world especially for all those who love nature and picturesque landscapes. One thing that is assured is wherever you travel you will be met with the best smile you would have ever seen or experienced. You will always have something new to discover. Indonesia is that one exciting destination which never ceases to amaze, impress and attract.

Indonesia is focusing more on raising numbers of Tourists from India. Compared to last year around 262,000 so far made it to the magnificent country. The tourism ministry has positioned an aim to lure approximately 350,000 Indian tourists the year 2017.

Based on the numbers which kept enhancing each year Indonesia has introduced a free 30-day short stay visa for Indian tourists as well. More steps are taken to better hospitality for tourists across the globe at the same time special care will be taken towards elderly tourists as well.

General Requirements: 

  • A valid passport
  • Two filled in applications
  • Two latest color photographs with plain backgrounds
  • Bank statements for the last three months
  • Proof of residence in your home country
  • A general disembarkation form has to be filled and part of it will remain with the immigration and a part of which will remain with you has to be returned before you leave Indonesia.
  • A key aspect for you to note is that there will be no renewals on this particular visa
  • If you are carrying a credit card it has to have a 1000$ limit
  • Carry visa application fee is USD at the time of payments upon your arrival
  • A cover letter requesting the consulate general to issue you a visa
  • A student must have a leave sanction letter from the institution
  • An employee must have a no objection letter from their respective employers

In general, the visa can be applied in paper at the embassy as well. You will be issued a 60-day visa which cannot be extended. May it be visa on arrival or even an approved visa at the embassy? It is considered a single entry visa only. Generally, a visa is issued within five or six working days.

As you make it to Indonesia you will experience the grandeur and serenity of this splendid place. Basically a home to the Komodo national park, you will not want to miss the world’s most beautiful coral reefs and the world’s largest tourist temple in the world is found here. You will be assured that you will be eating for days in Indonesia it is because there is always something new for you to try everywhere you get to visit. Lastly, you will be astounded to see a wide variety of bananas for which the country is amongst the top six producers in the world.

If you have traveled to quite a few places and you think you have missed something that will be the “Pacific rim of fire” which is the name for the location of Indonesia. Try and not miss the 17,000 clustered islands and the gorgeous beaches in the world.

All you have to do is bag pack and experience the history, wildlife and more. We assure you that you will be passionate to share with others the most memorable experience and Y-Axis will make things happen in the most unexpected way. The world’s best Immigration Consultancy knows what is best for you. We plan holidays which suit your budget and your interests.

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