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Exploring very exciting European getaways this winter ahead of Xmas

Posted on November 1, 2017
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very exciting European getaways

For most tourists, many destinations in Europe beckon them during winters. That is not without reason as it one of the most exotic places at this time of the year. Be it thermal pools or skiing in The Alps and more, the Continent spoils tourists with choices galore.

Innsbruck, renowned as the ski and snowboard capital of the world, is a favourite with many. This alpine town offers visitors an opportunity to explore athletic facilities that were built there while it was playing host to Winter Olympics twice. In addition, history aficionados can hop over to the royal Hapsburg home and admire the beautiful architecture of this Austrian town. Since it is also the home of Swarovski Crystals, one can visit its headquarters as well.

If you get turned on by nippy places, Abisko is one place you should not give a miss. Apart from being famous for its Northern Lights, this Swedish town takes your breath away as the sun refuses to show up for days on end. Options abound if you are a winter sports fan as you can ice-skate, ski or go dog sledging. Don’t forget that it also is close to the world’s premier ice hotel, Icehotel.

Copenhagen does not lag far behind either. Just hang around the city, sipping hot chocolate or lazing. Tivoli Amusement park, Rosenborg Castle and others look more appealing when covered in snow. Its winter culture month, however, is in February when you can spend time in Wondercool with different cuisines, unique events and art shows.

If you want to stay away from crowds and yet enjoy winter at its best, then Prague with its old-world charm is the right place for you. You could unwind at one of the ubiquitous cafes or spend time near the Prague Castle.

One of top tourist attractions of Europe is the city of Venice, whatever the month. The canals only this city can boast of, spellbinding architecture and absence of crowds in the winter add only to its USP.

Edinburgh with its castles, palaces and narrow streets is another winter hotspot. With its grand history only adding to its charm, you could go visit the highlands too and explore other places of regal grandeur.

If large cities do not intimidate you even on a holiday, get to Brussels to try out moule frites. The lip-smacking cuisines apart, soak in the amazing architecture at Grand Place. It is considered one of the most breathtaking squares in Europe. Just saunter along or enjoy a beer at the famous Aux Armes des Bruxelles along the Rue des Bouchers.

Wine lovers, on the other hand, can head to Bordeaux. Although it does not snow as much here, the scene is festive here. Having vino at of the wine bars makes you feel divine.

But getting to these places in Europe around Christmas holidays could be tough as all the places would be crowded. Head to these destinations prior to them by getting in touch with Y-Axis, a leading firm for immigration services, to apply for a visa.

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