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E-Visa is the fastest and easiest gateway to Turkey

Posted on May 19, 2017
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The fact of the matter is that the Electronic Visa (e-Visa) has materialized as the most innovative source to help the fast movement of people. This is most beneficial and virtual way of processing a visa application. All the relevant documents are all submitted online. And you will be surprised to know that Turkey stands on par with Australia, New Zealand and Georgia in implementing E-Visas.

Ever since this system was introduced in Turkey 16 million visas were issued thus far to foreign travelers. At the same time, the visa fees from foreign applications USD$ 355.30 million has been received. A recent survey records that the highest number of e-visas issued in a day touched 46,747 visas.

Requirements for an E-Visa

  • A relevant travel document
  • A Schengen visa which will be considered as a supportive traveling document
  • Sufficient funds that support your stay including accommodation at least 50$ per day.
  • Purpose of visit whether it be Tourism or Business has to be clearly stated.
  • The website is user-friendly to follow.
  • Proof of residence in the country of your origin
  • Additional documents like birth certificate if a dependent child is accompanying
  • Marriage certificate in case of a spouse accompanying.
  • All documents should be scanned for submission

The visa processing for Indian applicants will take two business days, and a single entry will be issued for 30 days. And after you have completed submitting all your documents and after filling the form online. You will receive an email confirmation. Verify your email id, and then make the payment through your credit and debit card.

After the processing time is over you will be informed through email the confirmation for you to travel to Turkey. It will be in a PDF format you should be taking a print out of the copy and carry it with you while you are traveling.

The most memorable experience you will have is a turnaround time of 3 minutes that is why it is called the fasted visa issuing process. Turkish embassies across the world have seen that queues have reduced ever since E-Visa procedure has been introduced. After all the steps you will take you will receive the authorization electronically.

All it takes is relevant information from the applicant and rest will take place faster than you can imagine. Bring your travel needs to Y-Axis the world’s best Visa Consultant and expertise in immigration.

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