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Experts in STEM find good opportunities in Germany

Posted on June 21, 2017
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Germany Work Visa

Among the most desired destination for studies, students find Germany at the top of their priority list. Germany has over 396 state universities. The fact is that the public higher education available in Germany is free and economical for both international students and natives as well. As per the world rankings, Germany’s top seven universities are from the fields of Engineering and Technology. The teaching medium is mostly facilitated in English for international students.

International students have the advantage of the numerous scholarship programs which include the prestigious Bilateral Exchange of Academics and other Research Fellowship Programs. The numbers are definitely rising as the numbers of students aspiring to fulfil their dreams and opting for courses which have gained popularity are Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics (STEM).

Germany as a country is primarily focusing on their manufacturing ability which is a gateway for lots of work opportunities for engineers especially. Speaking about areas such as advanced research and applied technology the demand for experts in the STEM field is always high and in the years to come it will remain the same.

The fact is that offering work opportunities is a big role in the same way fields such as Accounting, Life Sciences, Statistics and Computer programmings are good paths for students to look forward to a fulfilling career in the available multifarious sectors. Remuneration for internationals students is quite high and such opportunities tend to become true. Moreover, Germany Permits Students to Work for 120 full days in a year and 240 half days of work in a year.

There are mainly two kinds of institutions: research-oriented universities and universities of applied sciences all these institutions have strong ties with major industries. If you know the language German, it will open many doors in this nation which is very resourceful for Work Opportunities and internships. And knowing the language English will make the process of learning quicker. Learning German is designed in such a way that evens a slow learner will cope very fast. Discipline and passion for learning will take you places.

Last but not the least, standardized tests play a prominent role. For all English taught programs that you would like to opt for IELTS is mandatory with a 6.0 in all four components or an 80 in TOEFL is widely accepted. And if you are looking for admissions into MS and MBA programs GRE is recommended.

The final step is for you to apply for the desired course from a reputed university in Germany. You would need help to get documents and align them in a proper order. For a successful Student Visa to Germany contact Y-Axis the world’s best and trusted immigration and visa consultant.

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