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FAQs on the listening section of the IELTS

Posted on May 29, 2020
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IELTS Listening Tips

If you have any doubts about the listening test of the IELTS, here are some answers to common questions on the listening section of the test. 

1) What is the duration of the listening test in the IELTS?

Answer: The total listening test timeframe is 40 minutes. And the recording takes 30 minutes and 10 minutes is given to writing it on the sheets.

2) How many parts does the listening test consist of?

Answer: The listening test has four parts-two-person conversations, four-person conversations, a single person or a one-person speech, single person speech about academic topics.

3) How is time distributed between the writing and listening part in this IELTS section?

Answer: As stated earlier, the time frame is 10 minutes and 30 minutes but usually the candidates are required to write answers simultaneously while listening to the audio, the extra 10 minutes are given to mark here and there and to some missing answers.

4) What is the time given for the computer-based listening test?

Answer: The total time frame for the computer-based IELTS listening test is 30 minutes, with an additional 2 minutes to review the answers, but no additional 10 minutes will be given to transferring answers on the screen.

5) Does this task have a word-limit?

Answer: Yes, there will be word limit, it will be given in the questions and the candidate will write responses accordingly, not less and not more. There may be different word limits for every question, ensure that it is followed, and the responses are written on the page.

6) Are spelling errors counted in the IELTS test?

Answer: Yes, they are counted, if you write answers with the wrong spelling it is considered incorrect. So, candidates must be very sure of their spellings.

7) Is there time given to read the questions before the audio recording begins?

Answer: Yes, you’ll have some time to read the questions before you begin the test.

8) Which are the pros of taking up the computer-based IELTS listening test?

Answer: If you’re a good typist, the pros are a trouble-free test-taking process, the results are available immediately, you will get a decent-sized screen to read the questions, and finally, slots are easily available.

9) What are the drawbacks of the computer-based IELTS listening test?

Answer: Don’t take the computer-based test if you cannot type fast, the screen gets locked at a specified time and you won’t be able to make any necessary adjustments afterward.

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