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Few good ways Australia will help international students

Posted on July 24, 2020
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Few good changes are announced by Australia for international students affected by COVID-19. These include:

These and other changes to student visa arrangements by the government are to help international students. They can then cope with the current situation well.

These changes include:

  • The Government will resume granting student visas in all locations outside Australia. So, when borders reopen, students will have visas in hand and they can make travel arrangements.
  • International students could submit another student visa application free of charge. This is in case they can’t complete their studies within their original period of visa validity owing to COVID-19.
  • Student visa holders currently studying online from beyond Australia owing to COVID-19 could count that period of study towards a post-study work visa’s study requirement in Australia.
  • Graduates with a student visa could apply for a post-study work visa from beyond Australia in case they can’t return due to COVID-19.
  • Extra time will be allowed to applicants to provide English language results where the pandemic has disrupted access to services that deliver them.

With these measures, Australia is re-affirming its being a competitively desirable nation for international students. All assistance and facilities provided by Australia to them aim at hand lifting them from the issues they are facing due to COVID-19.

These measures also ensure that Australia’s education sector will recover itself in time. This sector is a major contributor to the nation’s economy,

Students get distinct advantages by choosing Australia as their destination for study at this juncture. These include:

  • Some of the lowest rates of COVID-19 infections in the world
  • A world-class education system
  • High diligence in ensuring the health and safety of students

The ripple effect of a reviving education sector will reflect in local businesses and local communities. This will include hospitality, retail, tourism, and accommodation services.

Dan Tehan, Australia’s Minister of Education, said that these changes will return confidence to international students about their visa arrangements. They could then plan to study in Australia when it becomes totally safe to do so.

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