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5 key points to remember while going overseas to study

Posted on February 6, 2019
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5 Key Points To Remember While Going Overseas To Study

The  most critical question.

Who is your agent working for? You or a University?

Agents who have ’tie ups’ or ‘representations’ with universities are most likely getting paid hefty percentage of your annual tuition fee.

Some have incentive based targets for universities. The more number of students they send, the more they earn.

If an ‘Education Fair’ is being conducted ‘for free’ by an agent, ask yourself who is paying for them. Agents are not charitable organisations.  They are a business.

Ask people you know who have gone overseas to study.  Chances are they used an agent for ‘FREE’ and ended up at the wrong university, wrong course and saddled with a student debt that they have to service.

‘Agent Bias’ is REAL and widespread in the study abroad market. It is important to choose an agent who is working for you and not a university.

There is no such thing as a free lunch.

You may not be paying in cash when you avail of an agent’s service, however you are paying. For sure.

Agents who offer you ‘FREE admission, FREE application, FREE service’ are not giving it for free at all.

You are paying them. You are paying them via the university. If your tuition fee is 20 lakhs, their commission is easily around 1-2 lakhs  on you as soon as you arrive at the university or after studying there a few months.

It is better to pay a Consultant a nominal fee to work for you, than to try to save a few thousands and end up paying in lakhs.

There are no shortcuts.

Be prepared to put in time and effort into your application.

Research is they key. Either you or someone helping you has to put in the time to search for a program and university in a specific city/country. And the search, shortlist, final selection and application should be based on your  academic profile, your test scores, your budget and your personal preferences.

Selection of your university should never be done by the Agent alone because of potential ‘Agent Bias’.  You need to be 100% involved in the process.

Most agents who have representations have staff who are trained to push you to a select few universities.

They do not have the time, experience or expertise to work with you, to research for you and to help you make an informed decision.

You cannot fool the system. You are likely to get caught.


  •     Forge documents
  •     Arrange for certificates
  •     Arrange for bank statements
  •     Misrepresent yourself
  •     Hide pertinent facts

A visa officer, processes many cases a day. He has seen it all.  You do not have that experience. You are not unusual. You cannot fool the system.  Getting caught would mean getting banned from entering the  country for ten years.  A visa rejection for one country, will affect your chances of a success for another country. Do not lie about ANYTHING on your visa application.

Be honest

  •     About your intent to study overseas
  •     About your  profile
  •     About your circumstances

International students are in demand in every country because of the revenue they bring to the country and because of the value they add to the workforce. If you are a student, genuinely wanting  to study overseas and you have the finances to pay for it, you will get your visa.  The visa officer is there to grant you your visa. He will do it based on merit alone. No agent can influence the visa office. As soon as an agent tells you he can get you your visa faster or he can get you your visa – make sure you keep as far away from him as is possible.

A visa is only granted on genuine intent, merit and the ability to fund your program either through personal finances or an education loan.

Y-Axis Study Overseas offers counseling & visa services for students wanting to pursue a program overseas. Our experienced staff have the expertise to find you the right program and right university based on your personal profile and preferences. Talk to a Y-Axis Counsellor today.

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