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Five alternate student destinations which are globally recognized

Posted on May 5, 2017
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Student Visa

The fact of the matter is every student finds it extremely fascinating to incorporate travel into their lives that too for studies. This paves a way to set life’s goals with new possibilities. Not only will students experience professional growth at the same time will know what it requires to be hired by proficient employers. Most companies around the world have made investments to hire applicants who have international experience.

Comparatively to the U.S and the UK living as a student in other foreign destinations where the cost of living is considerably less and the immigration policies are liberal comparatively. The other factor that depends will be the tuition fees which will defer from country-country. A key reason why students choose to migrate for studies is when the courses abroad have more choices than the home country.

Five significant student destinations are Canada, Singapore, Germany, New Zealand and Australia. A few key strings to emphasize the prominence of these preferences:

Education in Canada:

Canada is one of the best student destinations for higher studies. Especially for its worlds class education. A degree acquired from a Canadian university is equivalent to the US and any other European country for that matter. The provincial governments work hand in hand with the universities to provide students with scholarships.

Moreover receiving you experience the best education with nominal fees. No Work Permit is required to work part time. Canada has stronger job prospects for international students.


The world’s greatest city has aspired students from across the globe and has benefitted them with an experience of a lifetime. Even though the cost of living is extremely high that does not deter a student from pursuing studies in this exceptional location. Courses are available in streams such as Medicine, Dentistry, Law, Architecture, IT and Management.

The fact of the matter is in the days to come you will see that Singapore will be a stronger contender to out pass the existing best. Last but not least student benefit scholarships programs are quite a lot and without a doubt very prestigious to receive one. Courses are facilitated in English. A few institutions are affiliated to Australian universities.


Germany is renowned as the third most populous country international students. You would experience without a doubt the famous university traditions more especially in the streams of engineering and science. You will get to choose one out of the 450 accredited universities with 17,500 academic programs. Germany is also renowned for artistic subjects most of the universities receive government funding.

The tuition fees are relatively less. The cost of living compared to the UK is reasonable and affordable. If you can inculcate a few German speaking skills would look simply amazing on a resume and it won’t be a surprise which can open new doors.

New Zealand:

The education system is based on the British Educational representation. You will find a lot of similarities. The faculty members are more like researchers that is one of the reasons why there is high-quality learning. Universities here have more capacities for students who migrate from different parts of the globe.

The entry requirements are relatively less stringent and feasible compared to the top notch. Your weekends will be memorable with great adventure sports and hiking.


The leading powerhouse for higher studies is Australia. And the undoubted experience of the educational system with a broader range of high-quality study choices. Renowned as 9th in the world for student destinations. The similarity with the UK and the US is that Australia too is an English speaking country.

Moreover, the cultural diversity and friendly ambiance are the key reason for being one of the best student destinations. Australia is on the forefront of new innovations and sophisticated technology. Lastly, even though the standard of living is highest in the world, living expenses are less compared to the US and the United Kingdom.

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