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Follow these tips for your SAT essay

Posted on October 21, 2020
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SAT Coaching

The SAT essay is part of the writing and language test of the SAT exam. Here are some tips to help you score in this section of the SAT.

Build an outline

An introduction, body, and conclusion form the basic outline of an essay. For your SAT essay, one way to start on the right foot is to build an outline that sets out all the points, descriptions, and other elements you want to include. Throughout the writing process, you should refer to your outline to guarantee that your essay is structured and complete. Although it takes some time to construct an outline, the number of revisions can be minimized.

Analyze the prompt

Some students skim through the essay and plunge straight into the writing. This is an error.  The prompt sets out precisely what you need to look for and analyze.

Focus on a couple of the argument’s important points

You’re demonstrating your ability to find the most compelling elements in the essay when you focus on only a few important points. It is also much more productive to address a few points in a detailed manner than to try to touch on every persuasive aspect employed by the speaker.

Develop your vocabulary

Learning some new vocabulary words is one way to improve your success on the essay. Great tools for new terms are science, news, and literary magazines. Using them in daily conversation or on school assignments until you have a dozen or more. Quizzing yourself is a fun way to ensure you remember new words with an online vocabulary game.

Strive for both quality and quantity

Bear in mind that you strive for quantity as well as consistency as you practice your essay-writing skills. As a rule, it takes about one to two written pages to thoroughly describe how the author supports hos statements.

Start with a thesis statement

You should show the author’s point in your thesis statement and the convincing elements they use. This sets the stage for you to begin to point out particular examples of the persuasive devices of the author. You demonstrate to essay graders that you understand the argument of the author and identify the persuasive elements when you construct a solid, concise thesis statement.

Use correct grammar and spelling

It adds to the consistency of your essay when you use good grammar as well as correct spelling and punctuation. Bear in mind that even the most persuasive SAT essay will lose its appeal with these errors.

Be objective

Chances are high that in the author’s essay you would have an opinion on the subject discussed. But your task is to assess the persuasive argument of the author, not to state your opinion on the topic provided. Writing an objective essay indicates that you are reading essay-graders and adhering to the prompt.

Focus on specific points

In the author’s piece, all the information you need for your essay can be found. You’re demonstrating your ability to interpret an argument efficiently when you point out concrete information.

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