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How will France attract more international students?

Posted on January 10, 2019
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France attract more international students

Due to the number of international students declining in recent years, France plans to introduce measures to attract more foreign students.

Edouard Philippe, French PM, said that the international student population in France fell by 8.5% between 2011 and 2016. He also raised concerns regarding competition from countries like Canada, Germany, Russia and China.

Germany stands at the top spot for international students wishing to study in Europe, as per a report by Study EU. Free tuition and world-class standards are the primary reasons behind the choice.

So how will France attract more international students?

Firstly, France plans to introduce more courses taught in English.

As per Study EU, many overseas students cited lack of English-taught courses and high living costs as the reasons for not choosing France.

From 2004 till now, the number of English-taught courses in France has increased by five times. It plans to further increase the same in the near future.

Secondly, France plans on hiking the tuition fee. It feels that many overseas students believe that education in France is of low quality and hence it charges a low fee. The fee for Bachelors will be hiked from 170 Euros to 2,770 Euros per year. The fee for Masters and PhD will be increased from 243 Euros to 3,770 Euros a year, as per Study International.

The extra revenue earned will be used to provide better facilities and increasing the number of scholarships. The new fee structure will be implemented from September 2019.

Thirdly, France also plans to ease Student Visa regulations. Easing the visa norms and procedures will make things easier for international students.

Students who complete a Masters from France will be eligible for a Residence Visa. This visa will allow them to find employment or set up their own business in France.

Lastly, France plans to increase the number of French campuses overseas. The Franco-Tunisian University of Africa and the Mediterranean will commence its courses sometime in 2019. France hopes that will more representation abroad, it will be able to attract more foreign students.

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