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Germany- an ideal country for higher education

Posted on March 6, 2020
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Study in Germany

Germany is attracting students from across the globe. The superior academic standards and programs offered in the English language are major reasons for students opting to study in Germany.

Germany offers high-standard education with world-class universities offering a variety of programs. A degree obtained from universities in Germany ensures job opportunities.

What motivates students to opt for Germany?

>  Universities offering studies with no/low fee

>  Top quality education and professional education

>  English medium courses for overseas students

>  Picturesque landscape and affordable living cost

Germany has top-ranking universities, offering many degree courses of interest to international students. Engineering courses are of immense value because Germany is an advanced industrialized country. Several other subjects are also available in these institutes. These universities here are front-runners in the study of medicine and pharmacy world-wide.

Universities offer innumerable subjects for students to choose from. Universities are also intensifying their subject range and their standard of education.

Variable cost:

Though the tuition fee is free, students have to pay the semester fee. Semester fee varies between 100 and 350 EUROS depending on the universities. Students pay the fee before the start of a new semester. A student also have to pay a student union fee and public transport ticket worth 250 Euros per semester.

Globally Recognized Study Programs:

The curriculum devised and prepared for students by universities in Germany is progressive. The students are well prepared to meet international challenges with self-assurance. The syllabus undergoes improvisation and changes at regular intervals. Soon after the degree obtained from Germany and the experience gained through part-time jobs taken up during studies, candidates are likely to get job offers from Germany itself as well as from firms across the world. Graduating from Germany is a value addition to a student’s academic profile.

 Work Opportunities for International Students:

Germany allows international students to take up part-time employment. It should either be 20 hours per week or 120 days of full-time work in one year. International students opt to work part-time to fund their expenses.

To be able to work part-time in Germany, students can take up any type of jobs viz. in administration, as babysitters, tutors or bartenders. The extra income will help students meet their living costs. The work experience will enhance their job prospects after graduation.

Job Opportunities and Prospects:

Degree earned from a German university is of great value across the world. Their prospects and earning potential are bright. Employers around the world know the standard of German academics. Career options are also very good in Germany; hence students prefer to stay back and look for jobs.

Living Costs:

Living costs in Germany are reasonable if finance is planned prudently. One of the main costs is finding accommodation. Rent is high and this can be managed well by looking for shared accommodation. Rent varies from area to area and it will be good if the students choose an apartment in areas where rent is affordable.

Advantages of learning the German language:

In case the student decides to live and work in Germany they should try and learn the language. This will be useful for movement across Europe as German is a language widely spoken across the Schengen area.

If a candidate decides to stay back and look for a job in Germany the advantage of knowing German, will be tremendously useful, as employers look for candidates familiar with the local language.

Diverse Community:

Many students decide to remain and work in Germany on completion of their studies. Germans are very amiable and live with other nationals in great unity.

Moreover, a lot of students come from all over the world. These students come from diverse backgrounds and communities. This helps broaden their perspectives and enhance their knowledge of fellow students’ culture and customs.

Germany is a beautiful and historical country. Studying in Germany will be an exuberant and a wonderful experience.

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