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Global Talent Visa- Opportunity in the UK

Posted on March 24, 2020
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UK Global Talent Visa

The UK officially opened invitations to the Global Talent Visa on February 20 this year and has received a mixed response. The visa has no cap on the number of applications; however, it requires an endorsement from a list of endorsing bodies which are registered with the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

Features of the Global Talent visa:

One redeeming feature is that it is not controlled by the government but by the UKRI. This will help in faster assessment of applications and it will go through a fast-track immigration process. The UKRI has welcomed the new visa which will provide an immigration route to talented people that is flexible and open.

The Global Talent visa gives visa holders the freedom to move between organizations, jobs, and roles. The visa program has several features that will appeal to the ‘best and brightest’ from around the world.  The visa does not specify any minimum salary threshold for the job roles like the Tier 2 visa for skilled workers does.

Global talent visa holders can participate in other activities which other UK visas normally do not allow. These visa holders can apply for UK settlement after three years and their family members and dependents can join them provided, they fulfil the eligibility requirements.

Application for the visa:

To apply for the Global Talent Visa, an applicant must get an endorsement from one of the six endorsing bodies decided by the Home Office.

For endorsement in the field of science, medicine, engineering, social sciences, humanities, and other academic and research roles you will have to get an endorsement from the British Academy, Royal Academy of Engineering, Royal Society or UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

For endorsement in non-academic fields such as arts and culture, or digital culture your application will be referred to by the Arts Council England or Tech Nation.  Once the endorsement is granted, the final immigration decision will be taken by the Home Office.

The next step is to apply for a visa at the Home Office which will consider the general grounds for acceptance or refusal and if you are already in the country your eligibility for the visa category from your current visa category will be considered.

What can you do with a Global Talent visa?

With this visa you can work in the UK for up to five years without a sponsor. Other benefits include the flexibility to change roles and organizations or opt for self-employment. You can even start your own company or earn additional income as a consultant which need or need not relate to the field you were endorsed for.

There is no cap for visas under this category and visa holder can renew their visa after five years. They can also bring their family members and dependents to the UK on this visa and do research in overseas countries through this visa.

The Global Talent visa is an attempt to bring the brightest minds to the UK who will contribute to the science and innovation fields in the country.

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