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Good grammar and vocabulary can improve your TOEFL course

Posted on November 2, 2020
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TOEFL Coaching

Are you looking for TOEFL terms to help you score better on the TOEFL exam? There are some benefits to expanding and using relevant vocabulary in both the speaking and writing section of the exam. This will help you in:

  • Reading more easily with greater understanding and focus
  • Taking more detailed notes
  • Not being restricted in your vocabulary in the speaking and writing parts

Awareness of vocabulary

On big move to skyrocket your TOEFL score is to boost your awareness of college-level vocabulary terms. TOEFL Words: Practice sentences/phrases to help you do better in the exam’s combined talking and writing sections.

You may have witnessed a scary scenario in which you know exactly what you want to say, but you don’t know how to say it. We have all been there (and wished to consult a dictionary on hand).

The most critical aspect of preparing to write good TOEFL essays is possibly the learning of good vocabulary from a wide variety of terms and phrases to convey your ideas and thoughts. The richer the vocabulary you have, the better! You would have more opportunities to communicate your thoughts as you know more words.

Learn reporting verbs

During the combined speaking and writing parts of the test, learn reporting verbs to help you.

Knowing and using reporting verbs allows you to clarify passages from the point of view of the writer and not yours. You can, therefore, ensure that you have a good list of these types of verbs.

Learn to summarize

It’s difficult to summarize and synthesize reading and listening passages. That is exactly what you do during the combined speaking and writing tasks of the TOEFL, however. You might not know exactly the correct term to use, or, during the speaking or writing parts of the test, you can use the wrong word. To avoid this:

  • Get a list of 50 of the most confusing terms in college.
  • Read each word’s meaning.
  • Learn how, in the right way, to use the term.

Keep your words simple

During TOEFL writing task 1-2, framing your thesis statements is probably the most critical thing you must do. Similarly, during TOEFL speaking tasks 1-4, using sharply-focused subject statements will help you frame your ideas coherently.

Focus on grammar

You may hate learning grammar, but in the writing segment, it’s of the essence! The only part of the exam where your grammar knowledge is specifically evaluated are these two essays.

Speaking tests your grammar to a lesser degree, but writing is the one section where the content of your essay and your overall performance would be most specifically influenced by bad grammar. (Interestingly enough, in older versions of TOEFL, there used to be a separate grammar section, but this is no longer the case.)

When it comes to the use of TOEFL grammar, the most important thing is to be right. Complex verb tenses and clauses may be used, but do so only if you are absolutely sure you are using them correctly.

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