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Good time to establish a business in Europe

Posted on May 26, 2017
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Europe Business Visa

Europe Business Visa

It will be an astounding idea when career and passion work out together to see fruitful results in the stream of business. All you need is a well-disciplined business plan to execute before you start. If your business stands out and offers something different you would certainly succeed. The concept might be simple; the price might be a small investment; but services and reach matter end of the day.

Europe has definitely made business investors and entrepreneurs experience growth during best of economic times and vice versa. One key aspect that will urge you to start is possible rules for foreign investors. Moreover, the European trade unions have joint agreement policies widely recognized as the Schengen agreement.

Speaking about the several ways to start a business in Europe is

  • A sole investor
  • Trader
  • A partnership investment business
  • You might as well set up a branch office with the base location being your home country.
  • The core business might be from another foreign country you might launch a sister concern in Europe
  • Most countries have certain fund requirements before you start-up. All you need is evidence that you have the funds to begin.
  • Remember your business would enhance Work opportunities for the locals.
  • Before you set up a Business in Europe make it a point to register with the local chamber of commerce or any other local governing business organizations that issue the authorization.
  • Lastly make sure your business draws the attention and the interest, during the tenure.

Europe’s most popular destinations


To begin with a self-employment activity you have to prove relevant qualification and experience. You will need a professional card and need the registration with the Banque- Carrefour Des Enterprises (BCE).


A great place to start any sort of self-employment activity. You need to present documentation that presents strong financial support. A residence permit will be issued initially, for two years an extension permit you generally mean longer time stay.


Recognized as the Skills and Talent Permit. Your exceptional professional skills and sufficient funds


An investment of 300,000 Euros and an employment opportunity for two locals will be initial endorsements. And an authorization from the Department of Justice, Equality, and Law Reform is important.


The first criterion is that your business has to override the regional demand and economic interest and funding is a key aspect which has been reduced to 500,000 Euros. Business needs to create 5 local jobs. Foreign entrepreneurs will be offered a 3-year permit to prove substance.

The Netherlands

Key eligibility is that the business activity ought to benefit the Dutch Economy. Initially, you will need the authorization and a registration with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce.


For businesses in Spain, a residence card is needed. Sufficient funds to start the business and to support one are mandated.


For foreigner investors a business partnership here works out definitely well, not less than 50 percent should be the applicant’s investment. You need to show relevant experience running the business in the home country. Your business plan will be initially reviewed by the local Migration board of Sweden.

As the business environment is gaining popularity and competition. Plan and organize your strategy which will be beneficial to the host country, and a motivating experience to you as an investor or business entrepreneur.  If you are looking for transparency and Economic freedom make Europe your destiny for a flying business start.

If you are a student, a working professional or even a Business Investor Y-Axis the world’s best immigration expertise and visa consultant will help you organize your plans.

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