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A guide on how you score in a SAT exam

Posted on June 15, 2020
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SAT Online Coaching

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) exam is necessarily taken if you are trying to study abroad, especially in the USA. The score of the SAT test is used by most colleges and universities of the US to make the decision on admitting a candidate into its courses.

SAT is applicable even in Australia and Canada.

The exam tests the candidate’s skills in writing, math, and critical reading. The SAT exam is conducted with the aim of ensuring that the candidate is ready to stay and study overseas and do the course at the institution in the US.

The time taken for the exam is 3 hours if you are not attending an optional essay writing part. With essay writing, it takes 3 hours 50 mins.

The test can be written 7 times in a year.

The score of the test is on a range of 200 to 800 points on each of the two sections of math and evidence-based reading and writing. The combined score of these 2 sections falls in the range of 400 to 1600.

Let us now look at the scoring pattern in some detail:

The SAT is scored out of a maximum score of 1600. The sub-scores and cross-section scores are used to evaluate your performance in particular areas.

The maximum score you can get in either of the 2 main sections (Math and Writing) is 800. The score you get in each section is called the section score. The maximum section score possible is 800.

The total of section scores gives the total score. The maximum total score possible is 1600.

Writing an essay is optional, the score of which will be shown separately ion the report card.

The essay written is scored in 3 areas namely writing, reading, and analysis. The score you can get in each area ranges between 2 and 8.

Further breaking up the scores, you get test scores. Under this, you get scores out of 40 points for reading and writing, and language. The math section is also given scores out of 40.

There are also cross-test scores, each of which is scored out of 40 points. It’s based on how you perform in answering questions with history, social studies, or science context. These questions that are subject related appears in both basic sections.

The SAT sub-scores reveal your strengths and weaknesses. The sub-scores are given for sections of:

  • Reading and writing and language – It reveals your command of evidence and words in context
  • Writing and language alone – It reveals your skill in expressing ideas and standard English conventions
  • Math alone – It reveals your skill in algebra, problem-solving and data analysis, and advanced math

With an understanding of the scoring pattern, you can better imbibe the lessons and practice in SAT coaching programs.

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