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H-1B visa aspects that you need to know

Posted on April 26, 2018
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H 1B Visa

Prospective US Immigration aspirants must be aware of the crucial H-1B visa aspects. The H-1B is managed through a system of the lottery. The applicants have chances of both selection and rejection. Applicants who do not qualify through the lottery will be assessed based on the merits of their application. It will be judged whether they qualify for the job that is offered to them.

Filling the forms accurately and completely is very important. US Citizenship and Immigration Services has declared that there will be zero tolerance for errors in the forms. It has also said that request for earlier start dates or writing ASAP will attract rejection, as quoted by the Entrepreneur.

The applicants are required to offer a valid passport copy of the beneficiary. It is very critical to offer all data accurately. These are some of the crucial points to be remembered. Having appropriate and accurate documentation is very important.

Increased numbers of Request for Evidence RFEs are being issued by the USCIS. This means that substantial documentation in support of the application is being demanded.

There could be diverse reasons for rejection of your application for H-1B visa. One of the most common reasons is the job being unqualified as a specialty occupation. Another reason is the failure of the employer to cater to requirements.

Desperate attempts for clearance by filing multiple H-1B Visa applications for enhancing chances in the lottery are also futile. This is another reason for rejection. The previous history of the employer also plays a role in the success or rejection of the applications. If the employer is blacklisted owing to misrepresentation or fraud, then also the application gets rejected.

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