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High-paying degrees for graduates in Germany in 2020

Posted on June 22, 2020
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Highest paying degrees in Germany

It’s great to have good job prospects in the place where you choose to study. If you chose to study in Germany, there is a huge advantage in the learning and career-building front.

Germany’s graduation studies are designed to equip you to meet the opportunities in some of the most in-demand and high-paying jobs. A Germany study visa is your ticket to learning under the best curriculums that are part of excellent courses of world-class educational institutions.

Germany got the top place in rankings done after study of world countries for factors like:

  • Quality of education
  • Lifestyle
  • Career opportunities
  • Cost of living

If you are interested in finding out the highest paying graduate degrees in Germany, we are glad to give you some insight into it.


A standard Engineering degree gives you general knowledge from all branches of the subject. The annual salary for those with engineering degrees comes to €69,850.

Mathematics and Computer Science

Mathematicians solve challenging problems using complex calculations and equations. Computing has its base in mathematical science owing to the need for logical solutions and hence a degree in this stream gets high pay. Anyone who has a diploma in Mathematics or Computer Science gets a salary of €68,241.

Business & Economics

There is a need for skilled and qualified professionals who can manage a company and formulate strategies for it. Hence, graduates in Business and Economics is essential to play their role for corporates and the economy. People with degrees in this field get a pay of around €65,404 per annum.


It’s a time when COVID-19 has created not only a challenge for the body but for the mind as well.  The fear of disease and stress of lockdown and quarantine is rampant. In such a situation, a revival will need professionals who take care of the psyche too.  Hence, degree holders in Psychology have great significance in today’s world. They get an approximate annual pay of €55,404.


Legal degree holders have many vistas to rise professionally. In Germany, where a god justice system prevails, a law graduate can get handsomely paid for his job. The average salary a lawyer makes is €74,013.

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