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Highest paid professionals in Canada under NOC – 2022

Posted on March 23, 2022
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Highest paid professionals in Canada under NOC

A stable and booming economy, good living standards, and lucrative job prospects, Canada has become a much desired overseas work destination.

Are you too thinking about migrating to Canada for an overseas career in 2022? You need to evaluate your skills and work experience to initiate the process of immigration. You also need to do research on the job market of Canada and find out the jobs which are in demand. Reassess your skillset to match those required by the job market of Canada.

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Relocation to Canada for Job

When you think of relocating to Canada, the questions which would be top on your mind are which job pays the most in Canada, is most in demand, and offers growth?

Your reason to migrate to Canada needs a well-paying job there to make the relocation worthwhile.

*Read on further to know about the

Highest paid jobs in Canada.

You need to research the job market of Canada for choosing the apt job post which matches your skillset & interest. You can refer to the NOC or National Occupation Classification list of jobs and the Job Bank index maintained by the Canadian government.

The list of highest paid NOC jobs in Canada will help you choose the apt job for you.

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The top professions which are more preferred by immigrants in Canada are

  1. Software
  2. IT
  3. HR or Human Resource
  4. Engineers
  5. Healthcare
  6. Accounting & Finance
  7. Hospitality
  8. Sales & Marketing

Well Paying Jobs in Canada

Some of the highest paid jobs in Canada, along with their NOC code, are given below.

Profession NOC Code Salary Related Fields
    Web Developer 2175 $69,305 Web Designer, Webmaster, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist
HR Managers 112 $89,003 N.A
Electrical Engineer 2113 $91,832 Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  Veterinarians 3114 $95,804 N.A
Human Resource and Recruitment officers 1223 $65,292 Human Resources Professional
Pharmacist 3131 $89,314 N.A
Financial Advisor 0111, 1114 $62,971 Financial Managers, Other Financial Officers, Financial Sales Representative
General Laborer 7611 $47,678 Construction Trade Helpers and Labourers, Construction Craft Worker
Welder 7327  $73,504 Welders and Related Machine Operators
Aerospace Engineer 2146 $98,347 Aircraft Engineers, Aeronautical Engineer, Spacecraft Design Engineer

The highest paid NOC job gives you a promising career and comfortable life in Canada.

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National Occupation Classification

More than 30,000 job posts are present in the database of NOC. The jobs are arranged into categories based on the skills and work experience required. Every profession in Canada has a NOC code. Through the following information, you can find whether your job is listed in the NOC or not:

  • Responsibilities and duties
  • The educational qualifications and training required for the post
  • Title of the post
  • Work experience

For research on the labor market, the list of jobs in NOC is indispensable. You come to know about the job titles in your profession, so it is easy for you when you apply for jobs in Canada. It also helps you compare whether the work experience you have had before meets the responsibilities of your desired position in Canada.

The NOC list gives you an idea of what jobs to look for in Canada in 2022.

Details of Canadian Work Permit

Over 300,000 professionals are issued work permits for Canada. It is a good opportunity for international workers to avail of the opportunity. The work permit of Canada facilitates:

  • Employed under the Canadian employer you have mentioned in your application
  • You are able to sponsor your dependents through the dependent visa
  • The salary is earned in Canadian dollars
  • You can travel all over Canada
  • You are eligible to apply for PR or permanent residence in Canada

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Job Bank

The initiative was started by the Canadian government to sustain a database for the job outlook for various professions for the future. The database has information requirements of jobs for the next 5 to 10 years. The database uses a star ranking system to sort job roles.

If the numbers of stars are more, it indicates that the job has more outlooks. The job bank facilitates you to filter the jobs. It has the provision of filtering jobs by province or region to aid you to find the place where your skills and experience are more in demand.

According to the CEO of Worldwide ERC

Lynn Shotwell, the CEO of Worldwide ERC or Employee Relocation Council, says Canada is becoming the top overseas work destination due to its immigration policies. The Worldwide ERC is an international body providing relocation services to professionals.

Canada also has high vaccination rates and effective COVID guidelines to contain the spread of the pandemic.

Do you wish to migrate to Canada? Contact Y-Axis, the No. 1 Overseas Immigration Consultant.

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