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Highest Paid Professions in UAE – 2022

Posted on April 6, 2022
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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has always been a chosen destination for individuals wanting to consider an overseas career. One of the major reasons they consider the UAE for work is that it offers tax-free income, houses a culturally diverse population & many multinational corporations, and has excellent infrastructure.

Like other developed nations, the most popular professions to work in the year 2022 are IT, Hospitality, Engineering. Sales & Marketing, Healthcare, Accounting & Finance, and Human Resources (HR). Here is a brief list of the most highly paid professions in the UAE.

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Sales & Marketing 

Businesses in the UAE cater to their clients by making available goods and services they need. Although some organizations have superior goods or services, they are not able to connect to their clients because they have to develop their organization’s brand and position their products/services. It is here that the marketing managers come in.

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They feel the market’s pulse and use creativity and expertise to forge an alliance between the consumers and organizations that deal in products/services. The annual average salary of a marketing manager is 540,000 AED.

Information Technology (IT)

Information Technology (IT) professionals provide support for systems and computer networks, besides developing and managing software. There are more jobs in Information Technology  sector. The average salary in the UAE for an IT professional is 300,000 AED per year.

Human resources (HR)

It is the responsibility of Human Resource (HR) managers to monitor the management of all human assets. They hire and train employees, look after their compensation and benefits, and manage labor relations. The average annual salary of an HR manager in Dubai is more than 200,000.

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Doctors, surgeons, and physicians are paid very well in the UAE. A general doctor earns on average 120,000 AED per year.

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Accounting & Finance 

The responsibilities of investment bankers are to help organizations raise capital by investing on their behalf, providing advice on financial matters to clients, and acting as intermediaries for selling corporate assets. Their average salary per year in the UAE is 540,000 per year.

Then there are bank managers who make crucial decisions while accepting investments or granting loans and taking care of all operations of their institutions. Bank managers earn an average annual income of 920,000 AED a year.

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Finance managers handle the entire assets of an organization, including cash and reserves. It is their responsibility to oversee the financial performance of their businesses. They also plan and execute budgets for their companies. The average income of a finance manager in the UAE is 240,000 AED per month.


Engineers are always in demand in the UAE, where massive construction ventures are undertaken. The annual average salary of an engineer in the UAE is 240,000. Make a note that jobs in Engineering sector are booming. Then there are engineers of various types such as mechanical engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers, etc.

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