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Why should you hire ICCRC Agent for Immigration to Canada?

Posted on September 12, 2019
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Immigrate to Canada

You have plans to migrate to Canada and have done your research on the immigration programs, eligibility requirements, and the application process. But you are confused about whether to do the visa application on your own or hire an agent.

You may believe that you will save the money you will pay to an immigration consultant for getting your visa. Online research on how to go about the immigration process could make you believe that it is easy and can be handled on your own.  In fact, if it was so easy why would immigration consultants be in business? There are genuine reasons why you should hire an immigration consultant registered with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) to help with your immigration process to Canada.

Many applicants can think of only a handful of immigration programs such as Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Program or the Quebec Skilled Workers Program when planning their migration to Canada, but did you know that Canada offers more than 60 immigration programs to aspiring migrants?

If you go the self-help route you may not know about these options and probably know only about two or three options, you have read about or heard from others. What if you fail to meet the eligibility requirements for these programs or do not have the required documents? In such cases, you could choose an immigration program that is not right for you.

This is because you were not aware of the more suitable options. If you take the help of an immigration consultant; they will suggest the right immigration program for you. Their knowledge and awareness will help you choose a program that aligns with your needs, matches your profile and has greater chances of success.

Considering the maze 60+ immigration programs can be, an immigration consultant will provide valuable guidance and simplify the process for you.

If you believe you can handle the immigration process on your own, then you are probably not aware of the legal requirements, clauses, and rules. Extensive reading, how-to guides or online research will not cover all the bases. Even the government websites do not have all the information in one place. You will have to access multiple resources to get information on all the rules and regulations. You may not understand all of it and there may be room for misinterpretation.

If you undertake the immigration process based on what you have understood, you run the risk of making a mistake.  But with the help of an immigration consultant, you can fully understand the rules and regulations and the steps in the process to submit an error- free application.

Some applicants are intimidated at the prospect of interacting with legal authorities for the immigration process. As an average person, you may not be equipped to handle legal authorities, but with the help of an agent, handling legal roadblocks in your application becomes easy.

The application process is bound to have deadlines. You will have to submit the application form and supporting documents at specific dates. You could forget the dates or fail to submit some documents or miss out on providing vital information in your application form. An immigration consultant will help you stay on top of the process, submit your application on time and provide the required details for different immigration programs.

Benefits of Hiring an ICCRC Agent

Why should you select an ICCRC registered immigration consultant?

 The above reasons should have convinced you to hire an immigration consultant for your Canada visa application. But take care that you hire an ICCRC registered consultant.

The ICCRC is a regulatory authority under the Canadian Federal Government that takes care of immigration to Canada. It takes care of the regulation and execution of the immigration procedures as decided by the Canadian government.

Though it is not mandatory to hire an ICCRC registered agent, you must be cautious about the choice of consultant. For your information, some of these immigration consultants may not have the expertise or knowledge to handle the Canadian visa application process or understand immigration laws to provide the expected service or guidance to process your visa. Your application could be rejected, or the processing could be delayed. Some of these consultants demand money for non-existent expenses. In short, hiring them for your immigration process might be a waste of time, effort and money.

Reasons to hire an ICCRC registered immigration consultant
  • Provide only genuine and accurate information to clients
  • Have the latest and updated information on visa rules and regulations which means a better level of service
  • Agents gain ICCRC accreditation only after thorough scrutiny by authorities
  • Agents follow certain rules of conduct and adhere to a code of ethics
  • Protection against frauds and scams

ICCRC consultants ensure:

How do you ensure that ICCRC registered agents are genuine?

  1. Verify if the consultant is authorized by the Canadian government
  2. Read online reviews about the consultant to know about their level of service and success rates
  3. Visit their office in-person to check on authenticity
Before you sign a contract with an ICCRC agent ensure that it has details of services and payments. And get an invoice for all payments.

What does an ICCRC registered consultant do for you?

  • Review your chances of getting a visa
  • Provide the best visa option based on your profile
  • Provide guidance and help in preparing the application
  • Verify your documents and ensure they are error-free
  • Assist you in all aspects of the Canada immigration program

There are many advantages of hiring an ICCRC agent for your Canada immigration. They know the nitty-gritty of the process and understand the complex requirements to provide the right guidance. And there are better chances of getting your visa with their professional help.

If you are planning to migrate to Canada, browse through latest Canada Immigration News & Visa Rules.

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