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Hong Kong a home for many international companies

Posted on May 6, 2017
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The fact is that working itself is many people’s sheer dream. Soon after the completion of studies depending on the prerequisites of your academic performance, you tend to search for jobs that suit your skill and levels of competence. There are scores of relevant jobs and industries that have been traditionally employing people from across the globe and that unprecedented place happens to be Hong Kong. Job availability has never been a challenge for expats. And another key credential to Work in Hong Kong is to acquire a work visa.

The major areas where you can find jobs:

Major Industries This stream contributes more than 90% towards Hong Kong’s GDP. You can find work in sectors such as Financial and professional services, Textile industry, Shipping, Electronics, and Export.

Quick growth areas you can get a major breakthrough in Art, Science, Medical and Creative services, Environmental and Chemical industries have immense growth. Education services anything related to facilitating and teaching will always fetch you better opportunities last but not least IT, Insurance experts and Computer-based technology is always in high demand.

Shortage Occupations are like first come first serve basis. You will find roles related to Internal Audit, Business Development, Business Analysis, Digital Marketing, Brand Management services, regulatory Legal experts, Legal secretaries and Operational Risk. You can always test your ability and opt for a suitable job with the best remunerations.

What is it to Work in Hong Kong

Typically the working week is Monday through Friday. Long hours of work depends on the kind of work you are allotted. You are given 12 statutory holidays throughout the year. The taxes you get to pay are salary constrained. The maximum tax would be up to 17%. It is suggested you do extra research before you take the next step while applying for a job.

There is more scope for folks who come from a hospitality background. Hong Kong has excellent opportunities as good as the jobs so are the remunerations.

The curriculum vitae have to be in a proper format of two pages stated in a reverse chronology. Your recent education, employment, and relevant experience have to be projected initially to catch the attention of the employer. Do not forget to mention your language proficiency ability both spoken and written.

Acquiring a Work Permit to Hong Kong is not really challenging than it seems. The employer will work hand in hand with you while most of the applications are accepted. It generally takes 7-8 weeks to complete the Visa Processing.


  • Applicants should possess a degree and relevant technical recognition
  • Experience letters and references from previous employers
  • Salary offered should meet the local professional standards beginning from HK$20,000 and upwards.
  • The company should also prove that the current position offered to you was offered to a local first and have found you eligible in terms of skill and competence.
  • Above all foreign nationals are welcome to Work in Hong Kong because of their benevolent contribution to the growing economy.

Hong Kong has a need for many skilled professionals prepare yourself and explore the diverse country for all the unlimited opportunities. You will find it unbelievable that there are countless options all you have to do is present yourself the very best and also show interest towards learning Cantonese it will be an advantage.

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