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How can I cancel my GRE test?

Posted on May 30, 2022
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How can I cancel my GRE test
  • ETS offers a chance to cancel your GRE Test scheduled for many reasons. After finishing the end of the test, you will be given an option to report or cancel your unofficial scores before you see your unofficial scores.
  • At first, you must cancel all the section scores. You cannot cancel the score for one section and report the other section’s scores for the test.
  • The canceled scores will not be reported to any of the score recipients. Thus the scores will not be available for review and will not be counted for online scores.
  • You will not obtain a refund if you cancel your scores.
  • Redeem your scores for a fee.
  • If you choose to click on the report, then your scores will become part of your reportable history of the test, and you will not get to have another chance to cancel them.
  • While you are willing to get another opportunity to cancel your scores, you should not report the scores if you feel they do not reflect your knowledge.
  • This option allows you to report the scores to reflect your personal best score, and they’ll be reported to GRE score recipients only upon your request. If you don’t do well, you can opt not to assign recipients, retake the test, and then share the higher scores.

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Policies of ETS

  1. If you want to reschedule your GRE General Test not later than four days before your appointment, or you retain the test fee.
  2. Rescheduling of your test registration will be charged.
  3. It is impossible to reschedule the appointments a year beyond the original appointment date.
  4. If you fail to reschedule your test registration, your test fee will be retained.
  5. Before rescheduling the appointment, you should provide your appointment confirmation number and your full name.

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How does GRE affect my studying? 

  1. Take a break: It is OK to break between the study schedules as we were affected by the global pandemic. When the half of your brain is occupied thinking about what to get groceries you have to take, worrying about older family members. During this time, studying for the GRE test will be more challenging. Take a week or two weeks longer break, depending on when it works best for you to take the test now. And then GRE preparation will be there you can get back.
  2. Move into maintenance mode: Maintenance mode means studying continuously and regularly enough, and they get energized before the test comes. After studying for several hours of the week in maintenance mode, buck up with your study plan as your new test date approaches a month or so before the test.

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