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How can you get a good score in TOEFL writing task?

Posted on June 16, 2020
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The TOEFL test tests all four language skills necessary for successful communication: speaking, listening, reading and writing. As in real academic settings, it reflects how language is used with integrated tasks that combine more than one skill.

The writing section of the TOEFL exam consists of two tasks that must be completed in 50 minutes, one is the integrated writing task and the other one is the independent writing task.

The integrated writing task involves understanding an argument through reading and listening and then making an analysis of the argument through writing.

The independent writing task consists of a prompt on which you will have to write 300-350 words. The subjects included in this segment can be taken from a situation in everyday life which can be associated with different people. The prompt can be any one of the following:

  • Agree or Disagree with an argument
  • Support or Oppose – this is a type of agreeing/disagree question, but the small difference is it asks you to support or oppose a hypothetical future plan
  • Paired Choice—here you discuss both views of opinion and take aside.
  • Paired Choice Preference—here you justify both sides of the preference and select one side to support. Like the previous question type, you should discuss both sides and then choose aside.
  • Compare and Contrast how two things or ideas are similar or different. You may also need to take a position, such as whether there are more similarities than differences.
  • Open-Ended Argument about an issue

The subjects in nature are progressively broad and you must have some learning or experience about them. However, you cannot just write what you feel like, your argument should be backed by examples. You are given a 30-minute time-limit for finishing this task.

The assessment of your writing is based on the following factors: production and precision, organization, grammar, and vocabulary. The most important thing to remember is: did you do the task or question asked? Yes, you may have covered the issue, but have you covered the arguments raised by the prompt and taken aside?

Yet even though you have lots of suggestions, theories, arguments to put in your writing, they are of no use unless you can logically arrange them. You must know how to structure your writing in the right manner.

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