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How Czechs need to apply for an Indian e-visa

Posted on August 17, 2017
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Czech Republic to India

India offers e-visas to nationals of around 150 countries, including the Czech Republic. To apply for the same, the Czech nationals need not visit the Indian Embassy in Prague and wait in a queue.

They must first begin preparing their documentation. The documents required are the same as for a conventional visa. They include a valid passport, a scan of the passport’s information page, a recent digital photo of the applicant and a credit or a debit card or a PayPal account.

If nationals of the Czech Republic are travelling to India for business purposes, they need to present a copy of their business card and a letter of invitation (not mandatory). If people intend to go to India for a medical treatment, they need to produce a letter from the Indian hospital that they would be visiting.

Prague Post says that one can initiate the process of filling the form after all the documents have been gathered by the applicant.

The application comprises two phases. In the first phase, applicants need to fill their basic information such as name, gender, passport info and date of arrival, among others. The second phase will require them to upload the aforementioned documents, following which they would have to answer some personal questions.

The time to fill up an application will not exceed 15 minutes. If applicants have any doubts, they could approach iVisa for help. It offers a 24/7 assistance service for applicants.

If one is not in a hurry to get a visa, the applicants can avail the Standard Processing, which costs $87 totally, and they will receive their visas through emails in three business days. On the other hand, the Rush Processing, which costs one $117, will provide a visa in just one business day, and if one goes through the Super Rush Processing, the applicant will obtain a visa within 18 hours and it costs $152.

These rates are all for tourist visas. For business visas from the Czech Republic to India (Indian e-visa), the prices in the Standard Processing, the Rush Processing and the Super Rush Processing are $97, $127 and $162, respectively. Prices for medical visas equal to that of business visas.

If you are looking to travel to India from anywhere, get in touch with Y-Axis, a leading consultancy for immigration services, to apply for a visa.

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