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How long does it take to get Canadian PR?

Posted on September 30, 2019
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How long does it take to get my Permanent Residency (PR) visa is bound to be the dominant question in your mind after you have submitted your application for Canada PR? We are not surprised. Based on our expertise in helping many clients get their Canada PR visa, we have put together information on processing times for Canada PR visa.

The processing time for your Canada PR application is defined as the duration it takes for the IRCC to process your application. The processing time is the time between the day they receive your application to the day they take a decision on your application.

The processing time varies with each immigration program that leads to a PR visa

  • Express Entry program-6 months
  • Work permit- 1 to 27 weeks
  • Study permit-1 to 16 weeks

Canadian PR

Factors that affect the processing time:

Even though the processing time starts from the day you submit your application either by post or as an online application, a lot depends on how accurately you have followed the steps for your PR application. Your application could be delayed or sent back if you do not submit the complete documents. So, ensure you submit your application on time with the required documents.

The processing time also depends on the type of application or the immigration program you have applied under. The processing times vary based on the number of applications received for each immigration program. Some immigration programs get the same number of applications every month, so the processing time does not vary. Some programs may get more applications in one month and lesser in other months, this causes a variation.

Some other factors that could affect your processing time:

  • The time taken by the immigration department to process your application
  • The time taken to verify the information you had sent
  • The response time from your end for any requests for information

Different processing times for different immigration programs:

If you have opted for the Express Entry Program to apply for your visa, the average time taken to process your visa will be six months. For the Express Entry program, you will have to fill an online application which is placed in the Express Entry pool and it will be ranked in relation to other applications based on your CRS (comprehensive ranking system). If you clear the cut-off, you will get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for your permanent residency.

If you have opted for the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), the processing time is like the Express Entry program, but it takes a little longer. The processing time takes an average of 12 months.

Another popular immigration program is the Quebec skilled Workers Program (QSWP), a provincial program run by the Quebec province. The processing time for this program differs from other immigration programs. The average processing time is between 12-16 months.

Canadian PR

Reasons for delay in processing your visa:

You have diligently followed all the application guidelines, submitted all the documents and paid the required fees and are waiting for your visa to be processed. You expect to hear from the Canadian immigration authorities, but you realize that the response to your appreciation is taking much longer than expected. Now you start fretting, what could have gone wrong? Did you make a mistake in your application? Did you not pay the correct amount as processing fees?  Don’t worry, here we list some possible reasons for the delay.

 Errors in payment of required fees

As with any government process, the Canada PR visa process also requires that you pay a certain amount for each process. There are different costs associated with each type of application. If you have not paid the complete amount or forgot to pay the fees for certain processes, then your visa application could be delayed.

You have probably paid the processing fees through a bank draft or a cheque. This is likely to be returned to you because the immigration office accepts only online payments for the visa processing fees.

Though many visa offices will accept the processing fees in your local currency, check the specific website to determine the amount rather than rely on the current exchange rate to make your payment.

Ensure you pay the right amount using the correct method when paying your fees to avoid any delay in the processing time.

 Incomplete application forms

Another common reason is an incomplete application form. Applicants often miss out on placing their signatures in all the required places or sign where it is not required, causing the application to be returned leading to delay in processing.  Some application forms may not have the Canadian pr visa required documents.

When you submit your application, ensure you follow the application checklist diligently to avoid any delay in processing time. In a worst-case scenario, the verifying officer may believe you have submitted false information or are trying to manipulate the process leading to further delays.

Failure to provide a cover letter

Though this is not very important, failure to provide a cover letter may lead to delay in the processing time. A cover letter can explain what you are applying for, and the reasons you qualify for a PR visa. These factors make it easy to review your application and expedite the review process.

Failure to follow the IRCC document checklist

It is important to provide all the documents required by IRCC in your visa application. You may need to provide additional information required by the IRCC based on your specific case. Prompt submission of this information can positively impact the processing time.

Not providing the correct size photo

The PR visa application forms require that you submit the specified size of passport photos for your application. Not sending the correct size could cause the visa application form to be returned to you.

Check the status of your application:

It is possible to check the status of your application online after the immigration authorities have started processing your application. You can check once you receive an acknowledgement of the receipt of your application. When checking your status, use your application number.

The processing time of your Canada PR visa application depends on several factors. If you follow the application process diligently and submit all the required documents, your visa could be processed in a reasonable time. A better option is to consult an immigration expert who will help you with the end-to-end PR visa application process.

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