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How to apply work visa for Denmark?

Posted on March 23, 2022
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How to apply work visa for Denmark

Denmark is becoming a coveted destination for people seeking a job overseas. The country has a better quality of life compared to other countries.

In addition to that, the job opportunities in Denmark are dynamic. There are new vacancies every day, and more often than not, you will find a job best suited for you. Specific posts that align with your qualifications and experience would be present in the job market.

There are multiple job opportunities for professionals with experience, especially in these sectors:

Read further to know about the procedure to apply for the work visa in Denmark.

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Types of work permits in Denmark

If you are not from the EU, you will have to apply for a work permit while living in Denmark. The country offers multiple options for work permits. The 3 most common work permits are:

  • Pay Limit Scheme
  • Fast-Track Scheme
  • Positive List

The ease of getting a work visa depends on your post in the organization. There are more chances of getting a work visa if you apply for those specific jobs that lack a skilled workforce in Denmark. In such circumstances, you can apply for the Positive List visa.

Also, it would be easier to have your visa processed if the job you have been employed in Denmark pays you higher than the average salary in the country. If your Denmark-based employer has been authorized by the government to hire international workers, the visa processing would be hassle-free.

Procedure for the work permit

There is a uniform procedure for the application of all types of work visas. Here we give you a step-by-step method to apply for the Danish work permit.

Step 1 – Generating a case order ID

Following the selection of the type of visa apt for your occupation, you will have to generate a case order ID. The employer has to submit the application with specific forms for the visa. You need to permit them to fill the related documents on your behalf by handing them a power of attorney.

Step 2 – Payment of the Visa Charges

The visas are processed every year. Ensure that you generate your case order ID and submit the invoice that same year to avoid any problems in the processing of the visa. The Danish Work Visas are approximately DKK 3,025 or $445.

Step 3 – Documents submission

As part of your application, you need to submit the following documents:

  • You should attach the receipt of visa fee payment as proof
  • Copy of the passport pages, both sides
  • The complete form of power of attorney
  • The contract of employment or job offer. The document should have information about your personal details, the salary, job description, and employment terms and conditions. The proof should not be older than thirty days.
  • Academic certificates as an evidence for your qualification for the job post
  • Authorization by the Denmark body

Step 4 – Submission of a suitable application for a work visa

The application form for a work visa depends on the type of job you are employed in. The most opted applications are:

  • Online AR1: The employer and the employee need to fill the online form. In this form, the first half is to be filled by your employer. A password is given, which is forwarded by your employer to you. With the help of the password, you can access the form to fill the portion of the form meant for you.
  • Online AR6: This form is to be filled by your employer after you have authorized it through a power of attorney given to them by you.

Step 5 – Biometrics submission

The submission of biometric details has to be done within two weeks after your application has been submitted. Your photograph and fingerprints need to be forwarded to the Denmark authorities.

Step 6 – Waiting for the results

The processing time of the application is usually 30 days. Some forms, like the Fast Track Visa, take 10 days to be processed.

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Fast-track visa

The Fast-track visa is aimed at employees who are highly skilled. These international employees need to have a contract with their employers in Denmark. It is named fast-track since it allows the Danish employer to oversee the complete process. It sanctions your Danish employer to apply for the visa on your behalf. This speeds up the process of the issuance of a work visa. The Danish work permit helps the employees to switch from working abroad to working in Denmark.

The Danish authorities will make a decision on your work visa. It depends on if there are enough people with the same qualifications working in Denmark who are suitable for the job post for which you have applied. They also decide if your qualifications are required for the job post as a special category to get a work permit.

You need to have written employment or job offer. It must mention the details of the salary and conditions for employment, both of which should meet the standards set by the Denmark authorities.

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