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How to avoid Canada Work Permit refusal in 2023?

Posted on September 5, 2023
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Why get a Canada work permit?

  • Numerous job opportunities
  • Nice work-life balance
  • Attractive pay packets
  • High quality of life
  • 14 days of paid leave per year
  • Pathway to permanent residency (PR)

How to avoid Canada Work Permit refusal in 2023?

Every year, many immigrants submit applications for Canadian work permits. But some of these applications get rejected by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), a government of Canada body.

There is a reason for refusing work permit applications in Canada. If you know why they have been rejected, you can tackle these issues before you reapply.

This article tells you why certain Canadian work permits are refused and the ways you can prevent them from happening.

The major reasons why Canada Work Permits are refused are as follows.

Improper credentials

If you are submitting incomplete credentials or missing out on some of them, including certificates of education, work experience, or inadequate proof of financial resources, your Canada work permit can be rejected.

Illegitimate employment offers

When you get a Canadian work permit, ensure that it is authentic, provides acceptable salary and work terms, and is backed by a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or any other relevant certification.

Not having adequate qualifications or experience

IRCC rejects people who do not have adequate educational qualifications or work experience needed for the job they have been recruited for.

Lacking enough financial resources

IRCC can also refuse to accept your work permit application if you do not have adequate funds in your bank accounts to take care of your living expenses in Canada.

Weak relations with native country

If you are not strongly attached to your home country, your work permit can be rejected. If your relations with your native country are weak, IRCC officials presume that you would not intend to return to it after your work permit in Canada expires.

Previous rejections

If any of your visa applications in the past to Canada have been refused, IRCC will see this as an indication of you failing to fulfill their requirements or not filling out the application process properly.

Inadequate transparency in an application

Every work permit application is assessed thoroughly by IRCC. If it finds that the application has incoherent or incomplete information, it is likely to be declined.

Ways to avoid refusal of Canada work permits in 2023

If you want to be refused a Canada work permit, the tips mentioned below will help you out.

Prepare carefully

You should prepare to work on your work permit application cautiously by having a checklist in place, gathering proper certificates, and filling out each form properly.

Ensure you have a proper passport, educational qualifications, and appropriate work experience.

Ensure that your job offer and employer are authentic

After you have got a job offer, ensure that your Canadian employer is genuine and meets the standards set by IRCC. Ensure the job offer is authentic, provides acceptable pay and working conditions, and is LMIA certified.

Must be honestly intending to return home

You need to state with clarity that you will be returning to your native country after the end of your Canadian employment. To show that you intend to return to your home country after the expiry of your work permit, provide proof of being attached to your native country through family relations, ownership of assets, and being connected with your community back home.

Be ready financially

Ensure before applying for a Canadian work permit that you have adequate funds to take care of yourself during your stay in Canada by researching the cost of living in your intended place of stay and duration of stay and planning accordingly.

Be honest and straightforward

Be completely honest and frank about your educational qualifications, work experience, and your intent to leave after your work permit expires. Nobody will benefit from providing information or certificates that are false in your work permit.

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