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How to budget your Study Overseas education?

Posted on March 25, 2019
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Study Overseas Education

Study overseas education is one of the best opportunities that exist today in college education. However, it is expensive as well more often than not. Here we present a few tips to budget your study overseas education:

Choose a meal plan option if it is present

Meal plans may always not be the most appetizing option. Nevertheless, it will surely make a difference in your expenditures.

Public Transportation

Obtain a public transport card as soon as you arrive in your overseas location. You will even qualify for student discounts at most Universities. It will further decrease by 50% of the already economical bus ride, as quoted by the WCSUECHO.

Part-time or casual job

Looking for a part-time job is your smartest bet as you settle in. This is if you know you will travel elsewhere during your study abroad.

Book flights early

As soon as you are certain, book your flight tickets. Booking 1 or 2 months in advance and save you 100s of Dollars. Take advantage of student flight centres as well.

When exploring nearby take overnight trains/buses

Overnight trains can take a little longer than flight travel. But the pricing will make a huge difference. Ensure to do some research prior to booking a flight.


Hostels are a great option during your study overseas education. Most of them are situated in the backpacker’s zone. These are very accessible to public transport, low-priced food, and some amazing sightseeing opportunities.

Always carry your student ID

One of the best benefits you will have while travelling is your Student ID Card. You basically apply for discounts everywhere you go as a student.

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