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How to get a work permit as an IT professional from India?

Posted on September 5, 2022
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How to get a work permit as an IT professional from India

Highlights: Abroad work permit for IT professionals

  • IT sector professionals get work permits faster than before, as the Canadian government increases the pace.
  • The technology sector has a huge share of the Canadian economy currently and global talent gets high demand.
  • Global Talent Stream work permit is for Canada where the employee needs to get certified for Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).
  • The CUSMA professionals’ work permit or the Intra Company Transfer work permit do not need LMIA.

Tech Sector in Canada

The tech sector is very important to the Canadian economy and global tech talent are in high demand at present in Canada. In fact, there are various work permits for individuals who are working in IT fields, and the Canadian government increases its pace to accelerate the processing of these work permits.

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IT professionals in Canada get the following work permits:

Global Talent Stream

The Global Talent Stream work permit agenda is to help employers in Canada hire foreign talent. It allows some skilled workers from worldwide to get a work permit in just two weeks after applying.

Apart from this, employers who are willing to recruit an IT professional under the Global Talent Stream need to get certified for a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). The purpose of this stream is to make sure that there will be no harm work the workers in Canada with the arrival of the foreign skilled worker.

Qualifying for technology-related occupations includes computer programmers, information system analysts and consultants, media developers, software engineers, and designers computer and information system managers.

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CUSMA Professionals

Canada United States Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) is another work permit for IT professionals. If a foreign worker is qualified under CUSMA and is eligible for U.S. and Mexican nationals, then that professional can also receive work permits for Canada.

The CUSMA work permits do not require an LMIA certificate before applying, which means employers can recruit IT professionals for work much faster than any other.

There are around 60 kinds of professions that have been listed under the CUSMA that are qualified for a work permit are called as CUSMA professional work permit. These occupations that are listed here mostly belong to graphic designers, technical publications writers, computer systems analysts, and computer engineers.

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ICT – Intra-Company Transferees

IT professionals can also apply for one more work permit which is called ICT – Intra Company transfer. Neither employer nor the employee requires the LMIA. A foreign worker needs to be recruited by a company abroad at least for a year, to be eligible under the ICT- Intra Company Transfer work permit, and there needs to be a certified relationship between both the companies like the parent, affiliate, subsidiary, or branch.

There are three different classifications for the ICT permit for work through which a foreign worker can qualify. The third classification of work permit is for the workers who are specialized and have proprietary knowledge of the company or its products. That’s how IT professionals get their eligibility satisfied under the ICT work permit.

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