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How to get skills assessment for Australia

Posted on August 17, 2023
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Why skills assessment for Australia?

  • Provides Australian companies skills and expertise you have.
  • They help you identify the skills you need to develop for your career in Australia.
  • They help you become effective team members.
  • When you have a positive skills assessment, your employer in Australia is assured that you have the required skills for the job.
  • You will be given proper training to plug your skills gap in Australia.

How to get a skills assessment for Australia?

Skills assessments for Australia involve a process where the educational qualifications and work experience of individuals are analyzed before they intend to apply for Australian work visas. If the skill assessments are positive, candidates need to furnish them to the Department of Home Affairs to prove that they are capable of performing the tasks they require for the jobs applied to them.

Most skilled migrants to Australia will need to undertake a skills assessment.

The process for skills assessment is as follows.

Take up a proper occupation

The most difficult task in the skills assessment process is identifying the proper profession for you. This will involve identifying your abilities per the Australian standards related to your chosen profession. It will assess several key aspects, including your educational qualifications, the history of your previous employment, and how they meet the requirements of the occupation of your choice.

Know your job role and how suited you are

You need to understand what is required of you in your job role. Your educational qualifications and work experience may vary in Australia. The assessment for your job role depends on the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations, short for ANZSCO, where the required qualifications, work experience, and skill level are emphasized. Ensure you have the proper qualifications for all of them as per Australian standards.

Depends on your major study area

For various job roles, it is not sufficient for your study discipline to be relevant to your occupation. It should be assessed as ‘highly relevant.’

Primary job role

You need to clearly understand your primary job role, which should match the occupation nominated by you for the skills assessment purpose. You need to have the experience of working in the particular profession nominated by you by being capable of executing tasks at the skill level required for that occupation, as mandated by ANZSCO.

Arrange work experience appropriately for the preferred occupation

Ensure that the work experience you have is very relevant to the occupation nominated by you. It is crucial to demonstrate proof that you have truly carried out the necessary job responsibilities and have the required skill level to be successful in skills assessment.

Be confident in proving your capability

You should be able to demonstrate the scope of your duties and the assignments you have performed.

Know the mix of qualifications and experience required

Before you apply for the job, know the required mix of educational qualifications and work experience for it.

For most of the jobs, qualifications are evaluated at AQF Bachelor degree (or higher degree) with a field of study that is highly relevant with varying degrees of skill levels in the last five years.

The work experience that will be assessed must be after obtaining a bachelor’s degree.

Self-employed persons in professional fields need to provide evidence

Suppose you are self-employed in a professional discipline. In that case, you need to provide evidence of it by submitting certifications from your lawyer/accountant, which confirms the information of your business registration, the type of business you hold, and the period you have been self-employed. Furthermore, you will be required to provide official certificates of your business and a legal account highlighting your main duties as a self-employed person.

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