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How to justify gap years in your education while writing a Statement of Purpose?

Posted on March 23, 2022
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How to justify gap years in your education while writing a Statement of Purpose

The circumstances of present times are such that it offers numerous opportunities. One can choose from multiple schools, subjects, colleges, the country from where should one work from, the next travel destination and the like.

All the facets of our lives are provided with more than one choice. Although these options give us the much-required learnings and exposure, they can leave us at our wits’ end. This is the time when many students take a gap of a year-long gap from academics to travel or pursue other interests, which might or might not add to their experience and skills.

People who apply study overseas are often questioned about the discrete progress of their education. One can address the issue by writing an effective SOP for the gap years in education Read on to know how that helps.

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Know the importance of SOP

The universities do not view gap years in education negatively unless it is not displayed in a positive perspective. The SOP or Statement of Purpose acts as a formal introduction in such cases. The SOP helps the universities to analyze the skills, strengths, interests, commitment, and passion to pursue higher education. This document is deciding factor of the fate of the application.

The SOP counts when other factors like scores, experience, and competence face stiff competition from other applicants. The students can persuade the admissions council of the beneficial experiences they have accumulated in their gap year through their SOP. In addition, the SOP emphasizes the gap year as a learning experience for the students. This should be put on their resumes and highlighted as positive exposure for skill-building exercises in their LOR or Letters of Recommendation.

What should be there in the SOP in the gap period?

One should address the gap years in the academic experience authentically and transparently. The SOP should mention how it contributed to their growth and learning. Thereby, it is vital to offer conclusive proof like certificates of skill and work experience, photographs, and written documents that testifies the experience.

Outlining substantial positive experiences of the gap year will set apart the students from the rest of the applicants since it demonstrates one’s interest to go after and achieve their goals. An effectual SOP for the gap years can go a long way to build a successful future.

How to fill the gap period in SOP?

The students opt for a one-year hiatus to evaluate their goals in terms of academics, career, or life goals. Thereby, it is advised to showcase the gap year as an educative experience. It involves enjoyment as well as meaningful and productive work. The experience helps in developing personal and intellectual skills.

The break can add to widening one’s horizon. It can include gaining work experience or new skills. The offbeat experience pays off well when students plan for a study program overseas. The universities consider holistic development at the time of the screening during the admission process. In such circumstances, an appropriate gap time is beneficial as it is a testimony of our intellectual growth, exposure, and the personality of the student, which is as essential as scores.

Gaps due to employment

In cases where one had to take an academic gap due to employment, the students must mention how they worked to broaden their minds about their field of work and how they gained insight into the company’s functioning. It is also considered as an indication of the extensive network professionally.

Gaps taken for the development of skills during academics are favorable for the applicants. In these cases, the upskilling program, the thought process employed while selecting the discipline and the graduation certificate should be submitted. Enhancing the skills gained showcases one’s preparedness to learn new things inculcate learning as a practice.

The enthusiasm to create, own and operate a real-world business or entrepreneurial efforts is always considered valuable. It showcases their ability to solve a problem through their driven efforts. Incidents like personal problems like financial instability or health issues should be mentioned in the SOP with a proof backing the process and the plan ahead.

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The hiatus to experience new things reflects the student’s willingness to learn continuously through various methods. Strengthening the argument with the habit of gaining new skills will be favorable for the students. It exhibits their commitment to achieving new skills and experiences.

However, if the student was not working in this gap, they must highlight the activities they were pursuing. The field of study should contribute to the area of study that they have applied for at the university.

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