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How to maintain Life-Study balance as an Overseas Student?

Posted on August 7, 2018
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Life-Study balance as an Overseas Student

Maintaining a healthy Life-Study balance as an Overseas Student is not really easy. Motivating yourself for studying all around the year with no immediate reward is a task.  This is especially when with just a phone call away you can have fun with your friends.

Below are three tips for maintaining Life-Study balance as an Overseas Student:

1. Specific time allocation for socializing and studying:

Majority of the individuals have study timetables only during exam revisions or when they are hard pressed for time. It is, however, good if you have specific time allocation for studying and socializing all throughout the year. This will help with effective time management. It will also avoid the wastage of precious time that does not wait for anyone.

2Participating in Social and Academic Societies:

Majority of the Universities have Sport, Social, and Academic Societies. Joining any one of them will help you in keeping balance as quoted by the Study International.

Through these societies, you can meet new people and spend quality time with them. You can thus explore your new home without losing focus on your academics.

3Get a part-time job:

Having a part-time job can compel you to effectively organize your time. You have to turn up to your shifts at the fixed time even if you do not feel to do so. This implies being more organized for the rest of your aspects in life as well.

Working part-time will offer extra money to enjoy your leisure. It will also motivate you to be more committed to your studies. The reason is that you just can’t cram in the last moment when you have shifts to report at work. Thus, you will be compelled to be organized with your time well in advance.

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