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How to make PTE test a walk in the park

Posted on April 28, 2020
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Proven language skills are essential for migration overseas. In the process of immigration, there are a few tests globally recognized to gauge the language skill of a candidate. Pearson Test of English (PTE) is one among them.

During an immigration process, language proficiency test matters a lot. PTE is an English language test that’s computer-based. The test is meant for English speakers who aren’t natives intending to work or study abroad. The test finds out the candidate’s skill in Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing.

There are 2 categories of the PTE test: Academic and General.

PTE Academic is meant for candidates who are preparing to go abroad for studies.

PTE General is meant to help candidates to prove their general usage skills in English. Such a skill will enable them to communicate and lead a successful social and professional life in a foreign country.

So, naturally, those who are trying to migrate abroad will like to learn how to perform well in the PTE test. Here are a few tips to make the PTE test easier.

Do not take it easy

Let not the fact that you had great scores in English at school and are pretty fluent in speaking in the language. PTE tests your ability to function in an entirely English environment. This means, your skills must address the needs of social interaction, critical thinking, and problem-solving. It’s as if you are being yourself in another language. So, relentless, consistent, and continuous practice in grammar, vocabulary, and usages is essential.

Increase your vocabulary

Words give you the power and the right words in the right context improve the effectiveness of your communication. So, find and learn as many new words as you can so that you can deliver a better performance in the test.

Be sure of grammar and spellings

The 2 basic components of practical English usage are grammar and spelling. While you practice, make sure you get these 2 right so that you will not be in doubt at the test where time is a precious element. Besides, to perfect these 2 aspects will make your overall proficiency high.

Be patient with the instructions

Never assume what is to be done while answering a question. Always patiently and correctly understand the instructions before you attempt the task. Even in an interview, make sure you understand the question asked so that you do give appropriate answers. In writing tasks, instructions as to word limits should be clearly understood. This will help in organizing your answer properly and effectively.

Always focus on clarity over speed in your speech

As important is clarity of thought, clarity of speech also carries great importance. Don’t get carried away by the temptation to speed up your speech hoping to impress. Nevertheless, avoid staying silent for over 3 seconds at the microphone during the test. This could make the recording to stop. Considering all this, practice and learn to speak in English at an even pace with uncompromised clarity. It would also be good to keep descriptions short and to the point.

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