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How to migrate from Singapore to Australia in 2023?

Posted on January 25, 2023
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How to migrate from Singapore to Australia in 20212

Relating to Australia from Singapore with many different visa options is possible. The government of Australia has introduced several immigration plans to make the process of immigration more efficient and well-ordered. The immigration policies are stern and carefully planned to provide equal opportunities for all individuals based on their skill set and competency. There is a different set of criteria for every immigration policy to make the application process right and just. You even have sub-classifications for individuals who meet the given criteria.

You can apply for a PR visa with a validity of five years if you intend to migrate to Canada. The PR visa (Permanent Residency) lets you live and work in Australia during that time and makes you eligible to apply for citizenship after completing three years.

Points-based system

Australia follows a system based on points to evaluate and check the eligibility of the applicants who wish to immigrate. The top eligibility criteria require the applicant to score at least 65 or above. The table below gives you a clear idea about the breakdown of points.

Category  Maximum Points
Age (25-33 years) 30 points
English proficiency (8 bands) 20 points
Work Experience outside Australia (8-10 years)

Work Experience in Australia (8-10 years)

15 points

20 points

Education (outside Australia)

Doctorate degree

20 points
Niche skills such as Doctorate or master’s degree in Australia 5 points
Study in a regional area

Accredited in community language

Professional year in a skilled program in Australia

State sponsorship (190 visa)

5 points

5 points

5 points

5 points

*Check your eligibility through our Australia immigration point’s calculator

There are many visa options that one can avail to migrate to Australia. Let’s look into some of the visa types and their eligibility.

Skilled migration program

The General skilled migration program (GSM) is a program dedicated to skilled workers. To be able to qualify for this program, the candidate must clear the eligibility requirements –

  • Anybody under the age of 45
  • The medium and long-term strategic skills list must include the skills you mentioned.
  • The skills relating to your occupation list must be assessed by authoritative personnel.
  • A health check from appointed personnel.
  • A character assessment from delegated personnel.

People with adequate skills and proficiency have better chances of succeeding with their application process. If your skills align with the eligibility, you can get a PR that can be extended to your family and children.

Australia customarily updates the occupations list.

Skilled independent visa (subclass 189)

The visa applications under this category can only be through invitations, provided you have –

  • Have prior work experience in any of the listed occupations from the skilled occupation list of Australia.
  • Acquire an assessment report from a competent authority stating your skills.
  • Give in an EOI.
  • Fall under 45 years of age.
  • Abide by the general requirements for skilled migration.
  • Earn a score of 65 or more.
  • Qualify for the health and character requirements.

You can apply for the visa within 60 days of receiving the ITA.

Skilled nominated visa (subclass 190)

When a state or territory in Australia nominates you, you become eligible for this visa. The basic requirements for the application are very similar to the list mentioned above, wherein you must have prior experience in any of the occupations categorized in the list of skilled occupations.

Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Subclass 491 Visa –

The skilled work regional subclass visa lets skilled workers and their families live, work and study in appointed regions for five years. They automatically become eligible after they complete three years and have requirements similar to those of the other skilled nomination programs. This visa has replaced the subclass 489 visa.

Such immigration programs provide PR in Australia after completing the given stay.

Additional immigration streams to explore –

Employer- sponsored migration –

This program was created to compensate for Australia’s labor skills shortage. This works towards assigning the right skilled candidates to suitable job openings based on the candidate’s expertise and skill.

Business innovation and investment program

The business visa programs are specifically for foreign entrepreneurs, investors, business officials, and executives interested in either setting up a new business or revamping the existing ones in Australia. This could also be a way for them to score a PR.

Distinguished talent visa

This talent visa is for individuals who have achieved remarkable recognition through their fields of expertise like research, sports, art, or academic excellence. The Distinguished talent visa is further narrowed down to two different subclasses –

  • Subclass 858
  • Subclass 124

Family stream

You qualify to migrate under this program if and when you have a kin or relative from your family residing in Australia as a citizen or a PR. The family stream facilitates partners, children, and spouses, parents with permanent Residency or citizenship. You can also accommodate dependent family members like the elderly, caretakers or caregivers, and others to move to the Australian country.

Which stream should you pick?

The government of Australia annually releases a list of levels of planning in immigration and allows a given number of places under each of these programs.

Below is the immigration planning levels for 2022-23, which show an increase in invites.

Visa Stream Visa Category 2022-23
Skill Employer Sponsored 35,000
Skilled Independent 32,100
Regional 34,000
State/Territory Nominated 31,000
Business Innovation & Investment 5,000
Global Talent (Independent) 5,000
Distinguished Talent 300
Skill Total 142,400
Family Partner* 40,500
Parent 8,500
Child* 3,000
Other Family 500
Family Total 52,500
Special Eligibility** 100
Total Migration Program 195,000

To choose the right stream which will help you to migrate from Singapore to Australia in 2023, you can consult immigration and take the help of an immigration consultant who will provide you with the proper guidance.

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