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How to migrate from USA to Australia in 2023?

Posted on January 23, 2023
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How to migrate from USA to Australia in 2021

Why migrate to Australia?

  • Australia has excellent career opportunities
  • Numerous visas are available to migrate to Australia
  • Minimum wage in Australia is AUD 813 per week
  • The unemployment rate in Australia is 3.4
  • Enjoy high quality of life in Australia

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Migrate to Australia from the USA in 2023

Australia is one of the popular destinations for the residents of the USA for immigration. People love to migrate to Australia due to excellent career opportunities, positive environment, and exciting outdoor lifestyle.

There are numerous types of visas which the residents of the USA can use to migrate to Australia. The government of Australia is in the process of streamlining Australian immigration. It has introduced different programs so that immigrants can get an Australia PR visa easily.

Each immigration program in Australia has its own eligibility criteria. Usually, Australia immigration depends on a points-based system.  Each immigrant has to score a minimum of 65 points out of 100 to become eligible to apply for an Australian visa.

There are different factors which immigrants can use to get points. The following table shows the factors and points:

Category   Maximum Points
Age (25-32 years) 30 points
English proficiency (8 bands) 20 points
Work Experience outside Australia (8-10 years) 15 points
Work Experience in Australia (8-10 years) 20 points
Education (outside Australia) – Doctorate degree 20 points
Niche skills such as Doctorate or master’s degree by research in Australia 10 points
Study in a regional area 5 points
Accredited in community language 5 points
Professional year in a skilled program in Australia 5 points
State sponsorship (190 visa) 5 points
Skilled spouse or de facto partner (Age, Skills & English language requirements to be met) 10 points
Spouse or de facto partner with ‘competent English’ (No need to meet Skills requirement or age factor) 5 points
Applicants without a spouse or de facto partner or where a spouse is an Australia citizen or PR holder 10 points
Relative or regional sponsorship (491 visa) 15 points

Australia immigration pathways for the USA residents

There are many immigration pathways for Australia migration from the USA in 2023. They are discussed below in detail.

Skilled stream

Australia is in need of skilled workers as many sectors in the country are facing skill shortage. The country is willing to invite candidates with high educational qualifications, the ability to get a job, and make their contribution in the economy. Skilled workers can use the Skilled Immigration program to migrate to Australia.

In order to be eligible to apply for a visa under this program, immigrants have to fulfill the eligibility criteria mentioned below:

  • Experience is needed in an occupation available in Australia’s skilled occupation list.
  • A skilled assessment report has to be submitted. This report can be obtained through a designated authority.
  • An expression of interest has to be submitted
  • The age of immigrants should be under 45 years
  • General requirements for skilled immigration have to be fulfilled
  • The score should be at least 65 points
  • Health and character requirements have to be met

If candidates meet the eligibility criteria, they will receive invitations to apply. After receiving the ITAs, candidates have to apply for this visa within 60 days. After staying in Australia for a few years under this visa, immigrants will be eligible to apply for an Australia PR visa.

Skilled Independent visa

The Skilled Independent visa, also known as subclass 189, is a visa for which you can apply from within or outside Australia. The visa has been introduced to invite skilled workers to work in Australia. Applicants have to score at least 65 points to be eligible to apply for this visa. Visa holders will be able to live, study, and work permanently anywhere in Australia.

The eligibility criteria for this visa are as follows:

  • Need to have experience in the occupation for which the application has been sent
  • The occupation should be available in Australia’s Skilled Occupation list
  • Expression of interest has to be submitted
  • The age of applicants should be under 45
  • Basic requirements for skilled immigration have to be fulfilled
  • Medical and character requirements have to be met
  • Need to have a competent level of English
  • Skill assessment from a designated authority is necessary.
  • Australian values statement has to be signed

Candidates will receive invitations to apply and they can submit applications for the visa within 60 days.

Skilled Nominated visa

If immigrants want to apply for a Skilled Nominated visa, also known as subclass 190, they need to be nominated by an Australian state or territory. The benefits of this visa are same as subclass 189. Applicants need to be expert for the nominated occupations. Other eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Have a job available in the 190 occupation list
  • Have a suitable skills assessment for the occupation
  • Score should be at least 65
  • A state or territory should nominate the candidates
  • Submit an Expression of interest
  • Wait for invitation to apply
  • Age of applicants should be below 45
  • English proficiency should be of a competent level
  • Health and character requirements have to be met
  • Apply for the visa within 60 days after receiving ITA

Skilled Work Regional visa

The Skilled Work Regional visa is also known as subclass 491. The visa holders and their family members have to live in a particular region in Australia for 5 years. After three years of their stay, they will be eligible to apply for an Australia PR visa.

Eligibility criteria for this visa are as follows:

  • Get a nomination from a relative or a region
  • Submit expression of interest
  • Should have English proficiency of competent level
  • Need to show proof for health and character
  • Receive invitation to apply for submitting applications for the visa
  • Age should be under 45 years
  • Need to score 65 points to be eligible to submit an Expression of interest

Family Stream

Eligible family members in Australia have the right to sponsor their close relatives to come to the country for a temporary period. Immigrants can come to meet their family and friends or they can go on a cruise. The application fee for this stream is AUD 145. Sponsors may have to pay for a security bond whose fee lies between AUD 5,000 to AUD 15,000. Some important points regarding this visa are as follows:

  • Australian citizens or permanent residents can sponsor their family members
  • The validity of the visa is 3 months but in some special cases, it can go up to 12 months
  • Immigrants are not allowed to start a business or go for medical treatment
  • Tourist visa holders cannot work in Australia but can study or go for training for a period of 3 months
  • Applicants need to have a health insurance till the duration of their stay
  • Each family member has to submit a separate application
  • All family members are not allowed in a single application
  • Applicants have to meet the health and character requirements
  • Only one entry is allowed through this visa
  • The validity of the visa cannot be extended
  • Applicants need to by outside Australia while applying for this visa

Employer-sponsored Migration

Employer sponsored migration in Australia allows visa holders to work with a single employer. Different types of work visas that Australia provides are listed below:

  • Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186)
  • Temporary Activity visa (subclass 408)
  • Training visa (subclass 407)
  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa (subclass 187)
  • Temporary Work (International Relations) visa (subclass 403)
  • State/Territory Sponsored Business Owner visa (subclass 892)
  • State/Territory Sponsored Investor visa (subclass 893)

Employers and employees need to be aware of the employer visa laws and regulations. The application has to be filled carefully as slightest mistake may lead to rejection along with loss of time and funds. Here are some of the benefits of this visa:

  • Applicants can work in Australia for 4 years
  • Immigrants are eligible to invite their close relatives to live and work in Australia
  • Visa holders are allowed to travel in and out of Australia multiple times

Business Innovation and Investment Program

The Business Innovation and Investment Program allows top entrepreneur, investors, and executives, to start a new business or manage and maintain the existing one. This program is a pathway to apply for Australia PR. The validity of this visa is 5 years and its cost is AUD 6,270.

There are four streams in this visa which include

  • Business innovation stream
  • Investor stream
  • Significant Investor stream
  • Entrepreneur stream

The fees for all these streams can be found in the table below:

Visa subclass Application fee Fee per applicant aged 18 years and above Fee per applicant aged under 18 years
Subclass 188 – Investor stream $4,780 $2,390 $1,195
Subclass 188 – Business Innovation stream $4,780 $2,390 $1,195
Subclass 188 – Significant investor stream $7,010 $3,505 $1,755
Subclass 188 – Entrepreneur stream $8,410 $4,205 $2,015

The eligibility criteria for this visa are as follows:

  • Need a minimum score of 65 points
  • Proof of business success through annual turnover and ownership interest
  • The total net business and personal assets should be at least
    • AUD 1.25 million if ITA is received after July 1, 2021
    • AUD 800,000 if ITA is received before July 1, 2021

Distinguished Talent visa

The Distinguished Talent visa is given to those immigrants who have made contributions in the arts, sports, research, or academic fields. This visa includes Subclass 858 and Subclass 124 visa.  The eligibility criteria for this visa are as follows:

  • Have an excellent and extraordinary achievement in the profession
  • Should be an asset to Australian community
  • Should not have any difficulty in getting a job or starting a business
  • Has to be nominated by
    • an Australian peak body or organisation
    • an Australian citizen
    • an Australian permanent resident, or
    • an eligible New Zealand citizen

Australia Immigration Plan

The government of Australia releases immigration levels plan to invite candidates to live, work, and settle in the country. The 2022-2023 immigration levels plan is given in the table below:

Visa Stream Visa Category 2022-23
Skill Employer Sponsored 35,000
Skilled Independent 32,100
Regional 34,000
State/Territory Nominated 31,000
Business Innovation & Investment 5,000
Global Talent (Independent) 5,000
Distinguished Talent 300
Skill Total 142,400
Family Partner* 40,500
Parent 8,500
Child* 3,000
Other Family 500
Family Total 52,500
Special Eligibility 100
Total Migration Program 195,000

The table below reveals the details of state wise allocation:

State Skilled Nomination (Subclass 190) Visa Skilled Work Regional (Subclass 491) Visa
ACT 2,025 2,025
NSW 9,108 6,168
NT 600 1400
QLD 3,000 2,000
SA 2,700 5,300
TAS 2,000 2,250
VIC 11,500 3,400
WA 5,350 2,790
Total 36,238 25,333

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