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IBA grants funds for Study Abroad to enrich students

Posted on March 15, 2019
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Study Abroad

International Business Association – IBA utilizes the grants funds to arrange study abroad aimed at enriching students’ experience. The destinations in recent years include the Netherlands, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Carson and Iris Varner International Business Institute Director Barbara Ribbens said that the study abroad experiences enrich the students. They get the first-hand knowledge of a nation in that nation, she added.

Senior Megan Asher is the International Business Association’s Vice President. She had arranged the recent meeting with the cultural attaché and Consulate General of Argentina. Spending one semester each study abroad in France and Japan has helped in growth as a student and individual, she added. I am definitely better and confident with connecting with people, said Asher, as quoted by the Illinois State Edu.

Tyler Henson, the junior in International Business major said that it permits you to sympathize with people. He had spent 1 year in Argentina as a student in high school. Henson also spent a year at Slovakia prior to arriving at the Illinois State University. Study abroad also offers an opportunity to act as an ambassador for the nation in which one stays as a student, he added.

The students of Illinois State University spent just some hours at the Consulate of Argentina. However, they made a strong impression on the hosts. Thus an extra benefit emerged from the IBA tour to Chicago this year.

Ribbens said that the Consulate was really impressed with the student visitors. They sent an email to me asking if we could build rapport with some schools in Argentina, she said. The interest and preparation of the students, as well as their demeanour and professional behaviour, caught the attention of the Consulate.

We are already in touch with some schools in Argentina for exploring collaboration said, Barbara Ribbens. This all has emerged from the interaction of the students, she added.

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