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IELTS implements precautionary measures for test takers due to COVID-19

Posted on August 13, 2020
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The Coronavirus pandemic has forced all of us to take precautionary measures while moving around in public spaces that include schools, offices, malls etc. Those who are giving tests such as the IELTS in test centers will be a little apprehensive to give their test. But the good news is that the IELTS has taken the required precautionary measures based on the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.

These additional measures include:

  1. Ask you to sign a health declaration
  2. Test takers and staff may wear a mask
  3. Hand sanitizers readily available
  4. Test room disinfection & deep cleaning
  5. Additional spacing for test-takers and reduced group sizes
  6. Partitions in computer-delivered IELTS test rooms

Here are more details on these measures:

Health declaration

The test center will ask you to complete a self-declaration form to ensure that you are fit and healthy to sit the IELTS exam, for the health and safety of all test takers.

If you encounter any of the following, make sure that you immediately contact your test center and explore options for rescheduling your test:

For the health and safety of all test takers, the test center will ask you to complete a self-declaration form confirming you are fit and healthy to sit your IELTS test.

If you experience any of the following, ensure you contact your test center immediately and discuss options to reschedule your test:

  • If you were in touch with someone suspected of being exposed to the novel Coronavirus
  • If you’re not well, have cough or fever, or have flu-like symptoms like shortness of breath or sore throat
  • If you are under compulsory self-isolation

Wearing  a mask

During your IELTS test, test center staff and examiners may wear a face mask to cover their mouth and nose. We also advise you to carry your own mask and wear it for your own protection during your test. Staff at the test center can ask you to temporarily expose your face during security checks.

Hand sanitizer at the test center

As we know, frequent washing of your hands will help prevent the COVID-19 virus from spreading. On your test day, you will be told to wash your hands at regular intervals from when you arrive right through to when you finish your exam. Staff at the research center will also have an anti-bacterial hand sanitizer that you can use through the test day.

Disinfection of test rooms

All test-related equipment will be disinfected to ensure your safety. This includes items like desks, seats, headphones, keyboards and other things that you’ll need to complete your IELTS test successfully.

Social distancing norms

For your safety, recommendations for social distancing established by the World Health Organization will be followed. Test locations will provide more personal space for all test takers. These could involve partitions in the IELTS test rooms to support separate desks.

Again, following the guidelines of the World Health Organization, all test sites will be running test sessions at a reduced capacity to allow sufficient spacing between test-takers.

The computer-based test rooms will be equipped with partitions to help protect the test takers.

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