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Increased overseas students in Liberal Arts are thriving in careers

Posted on July 4, 2018
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Increased numbers of overseas students in Liberal Arts are thriving in their careers as per the latest study of the British Council. It reveals that across 30 nations 55% of professional leaders possess a degree with a focus on Liberal Arts. These leaders are inclusive of FTSE 100 CEOs, Law firm partners, Members of Parliament, and Vice Chancellors of renowned Universities.

So, why are Liberal Arts majors so much success prone? This is partially owing to the promotion of flexible qualities and soft skills by these majors. These include communication, empathy, and critical thinking. Degrees that draw heavily from a framework of Liberal Arts encourage students to assess both the sides of a proposal or argument. This is of tremendous utility in decision making.

Analysis of a problem or an issue is inculcated by Political Science. This is by taking account of competing interests and organizational structure. Sociology inculcates deep sensitivity towards and knowledge of diverse societies and cultures, as quoted by the Study International.

The above qualities are of prime significance to organizations and employers. These have to increasingly contend with a fast globalizing world that becomes complex with each passing day.

The chief factor why Liberal arts graduates in the specified fields land up in managerial and leadership roles is their ability to visualize the big picture. The comprehensive and well-rounded worldview is of immense help when grappling with tough business problems. This could be how to expand an overseas market or effectively waging a marketing campaign.

Recently CEO of e-commerce site ETSY Chad Dickerson had revealed in the media that he had majored in English. This e-commerce site worth is 3 billion $ plus.

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