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Indians have a quick but expensive US Green cards option

Posted on May 29, 2018
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US Green Cards

Indians have now a quick but expensive US Green cards option in a quest to obtain the Permanent Residency in the US. The American dream is in the eyes of almost every Indian working in the US. Mr. Shalabh Kumar and his family are offering this expensive PR pathway. It allures the people to disburse a hefty amount of $500,000 in order to get a Permanent Residence or the US Green Cards.

This strategy was recently pitched at a ritzy hotel in New Delhi. The audience was pitched about the EB-5 visa program according to which, investing $500,000 to employ at least 10 people in an area of the high unemployment rate in the USA will get the investor a Green Card within a year. Apart from this, the investors can also shell out 1 Million USD in a project employing at least 10 people anywhere in the USA. Vikram Kumar (Shalabh Kumar’s son) said that this strategy can work because of the hot and growing Indian market.

This EB-5 program got a sudden rise in demand because of the market trends and the rising interest of the wealthy Indian families in the US. These families shell out $250,000 on their children’s education and are not hesitating to pay another 500,000 dollars for securing their future. It is expected that the Congress will be raising the EB-5 amount of 500,000 dollars to One Million in September. Every trade agreement where the US did not have an upper hand has been renegotiated by Trump. The EB-5 program price is also sure to increase, added Schock.

US EB-5 Program that is based on employment has existed for 30 years. It remains the fastest and quickest pathway for US Green Cards.

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